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Anthony Lagrede
Anthony Lagrede

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Dev tool: A markdown and code editor inspired by Jupyter notebooks πŸ’«

Today I'm pleased to announce the Znote 1.0 πŸ’«, a super versatile Markdown code editor! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Shared with the community in 2020, πŸ₯° the positive feedback I received since then motivates me to push forward (many thanks again πŸ™). I'm coming after months of HARD WORK, with a robust version dedicated to all your daily code usage.

Reminder: What is Znote

Znote is a Markdown editor, designed to be your best companion πŸ«‚ for prototyping and making scripts. The missing piece for JS developers in data exploration, offering a solid alternative to Jupyter in the Python ecosystem.

The approach

Promulgate an innovative and empirical approach that consists to write code and documentation in the same place. In this app, you can quickly play code block, exploiting results, and put around all the necessary information in Markdown.

Easier to read and share than a raw code script, you will take pleasure to organize and share your work.

Znote demo

I honestly love to use it. πŸ€—

What's new?

For this new version, I come with advanced features to cover intensive and professional usages. I use Znote advantageously as a replacement for various software such as SQL client, Postman or Notepad++, but also as a main tool to create and test Node scripts.

To correctly achieve this:

βœ“ I entirely reviewed the backend code and the UI to be more cleaner, usable and robust
βœ“ Add a dynamic customizable code completion
βœ“ Also, add Markdown shortcuts and completion
βœ“ A new Right context menu with commands to transform selected text (will be dynamic in the future)
βœ“ A builder to create shortcut functions callable in code
βœ“ Add the possibility to add and use external NPM packages
βœ“ Run code with an external Node installation
βœ“ Export code as scripts and Diagram as SVG
βœ“ Export the entire note as PDF, HTML...
βœ“ Add various Magic comments
βœ“ A new horizontal layout for the preview (useful for some code use cases like SQL)
βœ“ More themes to customize the app
βœ“ A more performant search box
βœ“ An internal database to optimize memory
And so many things...

β„Ή I am also including in this list some features developed in the very latest preview versions

And it's really powerful...

Create easily an SQL client, Postman...

SQL functions

Add your NPM packages and create shortcut functions to create your perfect dedicated tool.


More themes are available to enhance the experience

And Now?

I now plan to integrate recipes to load via an open marketplace, to safely add useful functions and commands to Znote. I'm also investigating to add automatic Jobs, tabs, a valid EV certificate...

Because a software is never finished πŸ˜…, I also finally decided to introduce some paid features, like NPM packages (mainly to cover advanced use cases) to help me to push Znote even further. But it's still free for general use cases!

Thanks to this, I can offer you a more consistent Cloud space to save and share your works between all your devices.

Do you have any idea for me?

Leave me a comment below or contact me via the Github Discussions
Discover all features on the Znote website

❀️ I really enjoy sharing this app with you from the start, hope to see you soon in my newsletter to share tips and tutorials.

Hope you will continue enjoy using my app and it will make your job a little more fun.

Top comments (10)

gillarohith profile image
Rohith Gilla

It’s really amazing.
Download the application right now.

I have a strong feeling it will blend into my Eco System

Just curious is the app open source

alagrede profile image
Anthony Lagrede

😒 Thank you so much.
The core of the app not, but I have some solid plans for an open store of functions to use and load into the app.

peterwitham profile image
Peter Witham

Looks very interesting and a good extension from a normal note taker / snippet tool. Will have to check this out, very well done!

alagrede profile image
Anthony Lagrede

Hello Peter, thank you πŸ™‚

adam_cyclones profile image
Adam Crockett πŸŒ€ • Edited

😭😭 Thank you so much, it's what I always wanted

I'm dyslexic, this will help enormously you can't imagine!

alagrede profile image
Anthony Lagrede

πŸ™ Thank you Adam!! Do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything!

m0nae profile image
Monae Payne

Absolutely brilliant, I love it. I've been searching for a solution like this where I can store my code snippets or brainstorm. Keep up the great work!

alagrede profile image
Anthony Lagrede

Thank you very much 😊
I intend to continue, I still have so many ideas to implement.

thumbone profile image
Bernd Wechner

Znote costs money, and yet looks just like Joplin to me, which is FOSS. Am I missing something?

alagrede profile image
Anthony Lagrede • Edited

Hello Bernd, Znote is a tool for prototyping and centralizing scripts (that's the slogan of my site 😁) that also has all useful note-taking app capabilities... There is a cheap price only for advanced use cases.
It's still free to use as a standard note-taking app like Joplin and also free to run any code with pre-included packages.