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Newsletters I actually enjoyed in 2020. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸŒπŸ’«

Hi Everyone,
Here's a list of newsletters I actually enjoyed in 2020! What's been your favorite newsletter? Feel free to comment down below!

More of a weekly newsletter, with articles on programming, startups, and current happenings.

GitHub explore
Catches you up on what's trending. There are different options on how frequently you'd want to receive content.

P.S. You'll need a Github account in order to sign up for email updates.

Weekly newsletter by Siddharth Kshetrapal
A friend recently recommended this newsletter to me, and honestly, I've thoroughly enjoyed Siddarth's content. It's definitely Javascript focused, but he also has other things in there about growth as a developer and other tidbits.

Status code newsletters
They have a list of different newsletters you can subscribe to. I can only attest to the Javascript and Frontend Focused ones. I think they do a good job of curating an insightful list of resources and tutorials.

Thanks for reading :)

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learnbyexample profile image

I don't subscribe (email) to newsletters since I visit devto/hn/reddit/twitter/lobsters/etc frequently enough. But I'm thinking of starting one on my own (mostly to keep a better track of articles I like instead of bookmarks) and may be even try out some newsletters and reduce my time spent on social sites.

One of the bookmarks I have related to newsletters is (noted it down because the author has a nice set of rules and adds description in their own words about the article being featured).

I follow a couple on twitter:

allisoncortez profile image
Allison Cortez

Thanks for the share Sundeep! These are great, I'm definitely marking! :)

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Benjamin La Madrid • Edited

For the last year and a half I've been subscribed to the Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange newsletter. Not being acute about dealing with certain social situations, I've seen quite some helpful threads from time to time. People is super nice and give very insightful replies and ideas on how to approach them.

The GitHub Explore one is great as well. For one, I have two GitHub accounts; one focused on hobbies such as games and music, and another directly related to my professional career. This way I have two subscriptions that also recommend repositories related to each interest and I get a bigger picture of what new projects are being developed πŸ‘Œ

allisoncortez profile image
Allison Cortez

That makes total sense, I never thought about dividing the Github subscriptions. Thanks for sharing Benjamin!

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Kiev Andres

Thanks. I'll suscribe in all these pages!

ronniemunter profile image

Thanks, I'll take your word and subscribed to some of these.