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Adrian Matei
Adrian Matei

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Automagically bookmarking youtube videos for developers

As mentioned before, bookmarking dev resources has become second nature to me. Not only do I save lots of times, but I get that peace of mind knowing I can find it quickly when I might want to read it later.

The same is true for youtube videos. For youtube videos I took the support for metadata autocompletion on to the next level:

  • title (automatically completed) is suffixed with the duration of the video
  • the first eight tags used for the youtube video are automatically filled
  • the publishing date is automatically selected
  • the description is also automatically completed - though you might want to preselect in the browser what to be saved in the description section. Many authors add to the video's description extra details that are not important for developers. You can do that by using the bookmarklet or the chrome extension I developed.

In action it looks something like the following:

Save to Codever chrome extension usage

Once the video is added to - see my youtube bookmarks, you can directly play the videos in an angular material dialog. This is more thoroughly explained and demonstrated in the blog post How to play a youtube video in an angular material dialog

Care to see how it is implemented?

It's not that of a magic there - a REST call to YouTube Data API from a Node.js/ExpressJS backend. For further details check out my blog post - How to call the YouTube API from Node.js example

Still not convinced? You get improved autocompletion also for stackoverflow questions and plan to have a look at API for resources.

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John Peters

What an excellent idea Adrian! Congrats.

One possible improvement could be vote and date filters.

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Adrian Matei

Thanks John. Yep your suggestion is great - there is a similar advanced search issue - The vote filter can be easily implemented a la "tagged" style -

PRs are always welcomed :D