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A real-world example of how you can use AI tools to build a product

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You may have heard about all the buzz surrounding AI tools, and how they can be used to develop amazing applications. But what does that actually mean in the real world? How can you use these tools to build a product, from start to finish? Today, we'll take a look at a real-world example of how you can use AI tools to build an amazing product. We'll cover everything from brainstorming ideas to creating an MVP. By the end of this article, you'll have a better understanding of how AI tools can be used to create amazing products. So let's get started!

Define the problem you're trying to solve

Before diving into the development phase of an application, it’s important to first define the problem you are looking to solve. This will set up the scope for your project and make sure all the work you put in is aimed towards a specific goal. When defining the problem, it can be helpful to use modern AI tools to gain further insight and draw connections between different aspects of the issue.

This helps build an informed understanding of what you are trying to create, giving you a strong foundation for future decisions. By carefully considering how each step impacts your goal and applying AI technologies as needed every step of the way, anyone can develop an effective application!

Do your research and find AI tools that can help you solve that problem

Doing research on AI tools that can help you build an application is essential when considering how to develop an MVP. Especially for beginners, getting familiarised with recent trends in the field and investigating available options is key to determining which technology or combination of technologies will work best for the purpose of your product.

Fortunately, advancements in artificial intelligence have made it easier to quickly find effective solutions. Don't forget to read reviews and compare prices of various AI tools while narrowing down your choices before committing to one specific software or service.

Create a prototype of your product using those AI tools

Creating a prototype of your product using AI tools can be daunting if you're just starting out. However, with the right framework and guidance, it doesn't have to be. Starting with the brainstorming phase, take the time to deep-dive into different options for your application. Choose an AI platform that's user-friendly and tailored to what you need from your program. Utilise available resources such as tutorials, templates, community forums and blogs to get started.

Then move on to creating the MVP or minimal viable product, ensuring that all core components have been accounted for during development. Test out iterations at each stage, focusing on feedback and improvement points to ensure you reach a successful end result. With mindful planning ahead of execution, AI tools can empower beginners to take their ideas towards building a product prototype in no time at all.

Test your product with potential users to get feedback

Testing your product with potential users can be an invaluable way to get feedback. Modern AI tools make it easier than ever for beginner developers to employ this strategy. From brainstorming the initial design concept all the way through to building a Minimum Viable Product, utilising user feedback will help ensure you create a product that is both functional and desirable. By taking the time to interact with potential users and understand their needs, you'll be able to build something that will have real-world appeal.

Iterate on your product based on that feedback

After you've built your product, it's important to get feedback from users in order to iterate and make improvements. AI tools can help with this by automating tasks such as data collection and analysis. This way, you can focus on using the feedback to improve your product.

Launch your MVP and continue to collect feedback to improve your product

Launching an MVP is one of the best ways to start receiving valuable customer feedback about your application, which can be invaluable for making improvements. With the help of modern AI tools, even beginners can develop and launch applications quickly and with confidence.

By actively collecting customer feedback throughout the development process, it's possible to plan ahead and make adjustments before the market launch. This will ensure that you have a product ready for the final release, free from technical and usability issues. So don’t be afraid to gather as much useful feedback as you can - it’ll help guarantee success for your product in the long run!


In conclusion, developing an application with modern AI tools is not a daunting task for beginners. With the right research and prototyping, you can create a great product that solves a problem and delights users. Remember to start by clearly defining your problem and build from there. Don’t be afraid to think big but remember to keep actualising it step-by-step. It’s better to get something finished than wait for perfection as user feedback will help you improve your product steadily after launch. So don't hesitate - to grab those tools and brainstorm today!

I wrote an article on 51 AI tools you should be using for life, programming, content creation and everything else so this will be a great starting point for finding AI tools which you can use in your projects today.

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Loved the practical value, great job on this Andrew!

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Andrew Baisden

Thanks, Madza!

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well explained road map to encourage devs, thanks Andrew.

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Andrew Baisden

Thanks for reading!

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Aaron Reese

All valid steps in how to bring a product to market but no context of HOW AI can help with that. Just clickbait title

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Hello, you really have great works on technical writing. I want to become a technical writer. Can I get a coaching from you please?