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Andrew Baisden
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Front-End, Back-End or Mobile App Development?

Why do you do what you do what makes it so interesting for you? We live in a world where you have freedom of choice why did you choose to work in your current development environment? I started out as a Front-End Developer and back then the thought of purely working on the Back-End did not appeal to me because I am very visual and I always enjoyed seeing my work come to life in a browser window.

These days I am more split as my skills are more diverse. But I can imagine that a purely Front-End developer would have no desire to play around with databases. Similarly a Back-End developer would prefer to work on the architecture instead of trying to put together a design using HTML and CSS and having to deal with all of those browser quirks. And then of course there is mobile app development and creating apps.

So what area of development gives you the most passion and if you are a Software Developer or a Full-Stack Developer which area of development gives you the most enjoyment and why?

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I'm switching the domain since I started my engineering course. I tried game development, Android app development, hybrid app development, cloud computing, block chain and now I am trying web development full stack!

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Andrew Baisden

Game development is an area I would like to try one day maybe. Probably would need to learn C# and Unity though.

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Mike Bybee

I've done all three (as well as desktop), both separately and together, and now do all together as simply as possible with React Native (+ RN Web + Electron) and serverless (Authentication, Functions, and Database as a Service).

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bairrada97 • Edited

Front End Development, with Javascript at the moment, you can develop websites without help of a backend, using serverless functions and headless cms,you can use javascript for machine learning, for game development, also create web apps with power of PWA

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Jen Miller

I started off mostly with backend Java work and server generated HTML (JSP). But since those times, I'm equally good at Java on the backend and Javascript on the front end.

I enjoy front-end work because I can see immediate visual progress. I love Javascript as a language and the JS ecosystem.

I think front-end developers are 'first class developers' as well and I encourage front-end developers to also learn and apply appropriate design patterns and good architecture....both of which I apply when I do front-end work (mostly with ReactJS now).

Additionally, I would never give up my backend knowledge. In my personal experience, the backend experiences (financial transactions and medical systems) allowed me to grow in my practice with making architecture decisions, performance, database designs, and interactions (and headaches) with interacting with other large complicated systems.

Its very refreshing to me to be able to switch from one language's ecosystem to another and I would never give one up for the other. On the other side, I'm less knowledgeable and less interested in devOps, business intelligence and DBA type work. Though there are other considerations, I think it's important to like the ecosystem you work in.

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⚫️ nothingness negates itself • Edited

fwiw "web" development is a differential across all categories: you can do front end non-web and web development, backend web and non-web, mobile web and non- web, etc. and you can build to non-web with web, as well

EDIT: oh i see, you're stipulating that we are talking about web. (hyper)media type developer is my focus, which involves the full stack, mobile and distributed systems

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Max Sveshnikov

I'm switched recently to React.JS PWAs as they give me perfect balance between front and back. And they are mobile too 🀣

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Andrew Baisden

Yes that’s an easy way to get into cross platform development and you only need to know one language.

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Mohammed Fachihul Alam

Fronted development