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Andrew Baisden
Andrew Baisden

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What are you usually doing when you are not programming?

When I am not programming I usually play games, watch series/movies/anime or something on YouTube. I also have audio books and podcasts to listen to in my free time as well. Working out and going outside for fresh air is also great when you have been in front of a screen all day. I'm sure a lot of you out there have lots of cool hobbies or families to care for in your downtime.

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Too many things, practicing tai chi, biking, gardening, family time, playing the piano, walking the dog, stargazing, watching movies, listening to audiobooks, podcasts... would need another life to do everything I'm interested in..

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I usually try to devote some time for physical activities and being in the nature, like running, biking, etc

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I like to work on my blog during my free time. There are so many topics that I'm interested in, but I don't get the change to learn more about them at work. Other than that, I like to play games with friends, watch documentaries with bf, playing with our kitten, and doing the household chores of course.

Yesterday, I also went swimming for the first time in 6 years. Even though it hurts like hell today (oh the soreness), I'm hoping to continue training and go from once a week to training three times a week in a couple months. ^^

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Mohd Talha

I would just add i write poetry/rap and hand sketch anime/cartoon characters. 🙂

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Louis Low

Playstation, mountain-biking, compose music, listen to female-vocal music and prototyping electronic project (but still need some programming).

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