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What is your personality type?

andrewbaisden profile image Andrew Baisden ・1 min read

Our personalities can change throughout our lifetimes so it's a good idea to keep track of what yours is. Personalities affect the way we interact with people and they can even describe us as a programmer. My current personality type is INTJ-T if you don't know what yours is then take this test https://www.16personalities.com/. My personality is apparently similar to Elon Musk, Michelle Obama as well as other popular famous people.


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Show off. I don't see your actual account? Come look at mine.


It's hardly showing off if you take a look at all the personality types they all have worthy famous people. Thats because I don't have an account its not a requirement to take the test and it would just limit the amount of people who would want to take it. I did not not even know about that website its a friend who told me about it. I took another test this morning to see if my results would change and I still got INTJ-T.


You are right. But anyone could act like me. Let this first post reply to be their reminder. Since no one else in the post, just us.


MBTI has been pretty well debunked


I'd avoid basing any significant life choices on it. :)


Yeah the Myers-Briggs test is pretty much pseudo-science bollocks by this point. I recommend reading the "Personality isn't permanent" book by Benjamin Hardy

Goes in depth into all these "personality types" fallacies.