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What type of chair do you sit on when coding?

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I have a leather one with arm rests. The chair is gas lifted and it can go up and down. Unfortunately it is not that adjustable and it can't recline it can only spin around. Plus it is disintegrating because of the leather 🤣 In terms of comfort and ergonomics its not that great I have been debating getting a gamer chair or something that can at least recline for better comfort. Because when you sit for hours in front of a screen its not great for you health especially when the chair is not the most ideal. What about those of you out there with standing desks what are they like to use for extended periods of time do you get fatigue?


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This is mine and i am not joking 😔


Same except mine's not in that good condition.


These are two magic pillars with foam memory effect. Also, I proudly present my invention - the most ergonomic laptop stand, directly from a scrapyard :)



Working from home and living in a smol house, I have no dedicated office space for a chair. So, I work from my couch ...usually with my "office mates" piled up next to me.



How are your shoulders coping?


Just fine, actually. Nearest I can figure is that the couch allows me a lot of opportunity to change seating-positions throughout the day.


I went to the junkyard and got a really comfortable car seat... Put it on the base of a broken computer chair I had laying around... Car seats are really nice to sit in for long periods of time.


Wow creative care to share a picture of what that looks like?


Here you go... desk is a little messy at the moment.

My Desk


I got a gaming chair, it forces me to sit correctly (is very uncomfortable cross legs on it), and use reclined is very useful while waiting builds


These gaming chairs seem to be the most comfortable out there unless I am mistaken?


It comes with different sizes, a wrong one for you height, width and weight it will be a horrible experience. The most common ones try to replicate a racing car seat, which is built to force the same position, at first is weird, but with time the benefits are clear.


I also use a gaming chair and I can't ever imagine to go back to a "normal" office chair. It's so comfortable and at the same time so ergonomic. My back already thanked me for that ;)


I found a used Herman Miller Embody at an office furniture store nearby. I was using an IKEA fake leather chair before, and after a few years it wore out enough to cause me back problems.

This Embody made a huge difference in my posture, and you feel very supported. I wouldn't be able to pay full price, but I'm really happy with it.

Plus side, it looks futuristic!



These Herman Miller chairs seem to be very popular! The one in the cover photo is also a Herman Miller I think and I had that one in an old job. So I think I am highly likely to buy a Herman Miller chair of some sort because a friend also recommended a chair recently and it was Herman Miller. So I will take that as a sign. 😁


Their chairs seem built to last a long time, and they put a lot of research into the ergonomics.

Steelcase is another highly regarded brand. Everyone has a personal preference and body type. For me, the Steelcase Leap felt comfy but not as supportive since it has a very flexible back.

In either case, pre-owned chairs are a great value. The brand new prices are so high!


I also use the IKEA Markus atm. Although it's definitely not the best in comfort, it's definitely worth the money. The seating surface is a bit too big. But apart from that I'm a happy customer.

Nice anecdote: on one of my previous jobs, on the first day I had to drive to IKEA to pick one up for myself and get it assembled. Sort of like a hazing ritual I guess. And as mentioned in one of the other comments here, you can take off the armrests which most of my colleagues did. But I myself can't go without the armrests, otherwise I get the tendency to lean forward too much.

My advice:

  • Don't overspend on your first office chair. It's better to first find out what works for you and what doesn't.
  • Use the "auto recline" functionality from time to time.
  • Buy a desk that is adjustable in height. Not necessarily a standing desk though.
  • Move. Just move. At least 30 minutes walking per day should be a strict minimum.

I have a pretty cool desk the only thing thats missing is the ability to adjust its height. My chair is height adjustable but I have to keep it low because my desk is not adjustable.


I know the feeling Andrew, same here. It's a nice desk but I should've bought one that's adjustable in height.

I'm contemplating the IKEA Bekant, which you can also use as a standing desk, but I feel it's a bit too expensive. Local, less-marketed brands could provide the same level of quality, if not even better, for less money.


Looking for an upgrade so hope there will be some more replies in the future. Currently using a used used chair from the office, and it's arm rests are a bit loose. Not that great either. And currently using a second hand static desk. Looking for a desk that can be lifted to a standing desk electronically.


Getting my standing desk Friday. With that the need for a good chair is less important. Normally I don't really have back pain, but currently sometimes sitting there for 12 hours a day, and starting to feel some.


I had a hand-cranked standing desk at my last startup and once I got it adjusted never changed it. Had a simple stool to occasionally perch on -- it was great, didn't miss a chair at all.


Herman Miller chairs seem to be quite popular.


As I've had scoliosis since an early age (14, now 20), I've forced myself to sit on a excersise ball for the longest time, it straightened out my back a bit and its 'fun' to sit on.

Someday I want to go back to a luxury chair.


I've been working from home for almost a year now, and the SecretLabs Omega has been a life saver considering I've had issues with my back for the past 15+ years. Very adjustable and considerably affordable in the realm of gaming chairs.


I never used to have serious back issues but this chair I am using needs to go the comfort has all but gone. I need to use a cushion to give it extra back support otherwise I get back pains.


I'd like an office type chair (or even a "gaming" one without all the nonsense) but I don't want leather or fake leather. My cats would destroy it in hours, whereas they tend to leave fabric chairs alone.
Finding a halfway decent fabric-covered chair online is as difficult as finding a mechanical keyboard in ISO format.


Fabric would be my preference as well. This leather chair I have has just disintegrated and its malting all over the floor. In a previous job I had an office chair like the one in the cover photo now that one was pretty good. Fully adjustable and good ergonomics.


Mostly I sit in my recliner with my laptop on a lap desk. I also have a regular computer desk chair at my desk, where I sit for video calls. I recently got an ErgoStool for more active sitting, but I can't sit on it for very long because the cushion is not very soft.


Hi, my chair is rubbish, added a nice, hand made pillow. I just settled down in a new country, still waiting for a sale on a Kinnarps 8000 task chair. I've used one of those for years at home, and miss it soooo much. My back hurts, so I go to swim and do yoga whenever I can. dev-to-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/i/... How can I add a photo here?


I went full extra when my company announced devs would be wfh for the foreseeable future and bought a Soul Seat

While I don't subscribe to the idea that it's doing anything for my hips and back, I do think it's best in the long run for my legs. I always fold them under me which cuts off circulation. This chair is designed to have legs be foldable on purpose. I just wish the tiny seat had more cushion for my flat butt.


this thing:

it's comfy, but I have terrible posture so it doesn't help there. otherwise, it's a good chair :3


This looks awesome...

Where can i get it?


Markus chair from IKEA. Very comfy and it reclines.

Markus office chair


One plus of this chair was that the arms aren't integrated so you can remove them if you don't like chairs with arms.


Drawing isn't mine, but it's kinda accurate. And just at home, ofc. In office, I have some average-okish office sit-thingy :)


It sort of reminds me of a kings throne :)


I sit in a $50 chair I bought off Amazon... Yeah I could probably upgrade. I'm not currently suffering any physical issues that I know of, but it doesn't check a lot of the ergo boxes.