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Is there a particular reason you would like to do this? It's not impossible, but it's finicky and prone to bugs, so it might be easier to just rework your design.

You could try disabling the relevant "touch*" events, (see Event.preventDefault), but that might have some unintended consequences. Many tablet / convertible-style devices (like the Surface) implement these events. Plus, iOS touch-scrolling events are always a pain to work with, since Apple really does not want you messing with page scrolling.


Hmm you could make your page's height in mobile view to something like height: 100%? I would use media queries to adjust based on mobile/laptop and desktop views.


I don't want to remove the scrollability, I want to make it work, but only from computer.

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Do you use time-tracking for work or for your personal time?

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Do you prefer sans serif over serif?

You can change your font preferences in the "misc" section of your settings. ❤️