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Already addicted to this game! The idea of having at least 2 keys active is just great! 👍

A little dev note

e.keyCode (just has e.which) has been deprecated. Instead, you get to use some way cooler stuff: e.key, e.code: you don't get an integer like you would with keyCode or which, you get the actual pressed letter. Say you press d, you'd get:

e.key = 'd'
e.code = 'keyD'

On any web page, open up the console and paste this so that you can see the different value it can take:

document.body.addEventListener('keydown', e => { console.log(e.key, e.code) })

(try ctrl 😉)

I noticed it because it doesn't work on Firefox Nightly.

The font?

Could you try to change the font to a monospaced one so that we don't confound the 0 and o?

I am really liking this dev community, and am hoping to learn from and contribute to it.

Same. And I'm pretty sure it's what everyone feels when they discover this...

Current best score: 18


Thanks @math2001 for the feedback. I made the changes.
Thanks again :)


This is very cool. And I'm terrible at it. I bet @peter would like this.


This is a really fun and inventive game. I'd say it's 90% about concentration and only 10% about typing, as all of my mistakes come from going "too fast" and not leaving enough keys up.

I think it'd be interesting to create a "survival mode" where order doesn't matter, but the slots fill up super quickly and you have to keep them clear them before the entire fills up (and the game ends).

My current high score is 23 — take that @math2001 :)


Yeah, it really has all the makings of an addictive one!

I myself find it challenging and addictive :)


Ooooh this is an evil game. I think I've found something to try on my break(s)!


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Nice! That was a lot harder than I thought. Super clean design.


Wow, this is deceptively hard!

I'm hoping you'll share a bit in the community (other articles perhaps?) about some of the challenges you faced in creating this?


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