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How to architect epic Angular app in less than 10 minutes! ⏱️

tomastrajan profile image Tomas Trajan 🐻 Originally published at Medium on ・1 min read

Original photo by Grant Lemons

In this article we are going to learn how to scaffold new Angular application with clean, maintainable and extendable architecture in almost no time and what are the benefits of doing so. Besides many actionable tips, we’ll also discus guidelines about where we should implement most common things like reusable services, feature specific components and others…

For the last year and a half I have been consulting for a huge Swiss insurance enterprise organisation with more than 90 Angular apps. Yes, ninety, crazy, but also cool!

Besides that I was also pretty busy with preparation of many Angular workshop exercises which involved scaffolding of many projects from scratch.

💎 This article brings together all the lessons learned in a distilled cleaned up form for you to cut down your learning curve and help you make your Angular SPAs epic!


EDIT: fixed link 🤦😂

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Marcos Rivas

I think you should explicitly mention that the full article is published in Medium, not in Dev. It feels like a clickbait article, and looking in more of your posts I see the same technique. I recommend you not to do that, why not better publishing the same info here?

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Alexander Kim

To be honest, this kind of articles, that promotes another platform should be prohibited, MEDIUM is BS with their monthly read limit.

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Brian • Edited

Medium's read limit can be bypassed using Chrome Incognito tabs

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Livio Brunner

I think the Read More link does not work :)

bereketethio1 profile image

the read more link doesn't seem to work

exenestecnico profile image

I think the article should be published here. This feels like self promotion spam to me.

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Tomas Trajan 🐻 Author

Sorry folks my bad, here is the link (also fixed the original one)

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Boris Joskic

Whats up with read more button?

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Padelis Theodosiou

Looks promising article. Bookmarked for now.