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What are the benefits of using Angular?

Time changes everything. Angular is timeless and meets all the modern business requirements.

Angular has picked up steam in recent years, and it becomes “the cherry on the cake” for most app developers, and there are many good reasons for it. Let's see the key reasons for using Angular and the top benefits for your business if you choose to go with Angular.

First of all, let's understand what Angular is

Angular is a Javascript-based framework for developing mobile and desktop frame applications created by Google. It is used and favored by the Google Cloud platform, AdWords, and thousands of web applications built within Google. Other big names have also chosen Angular: Forbes, Delta Airlines, BMW, Samsung, Paypal, Tesla, Netflix, SpaceX.

So, why do all of these companies choose Angular?

Here are the top five main benefits:


As an app developer, you understand the time is highly precious for each project, and surely you don't want to waste any minute of it. Once you understand the core principles of Angular building blocks and build a first Angular application using it, later you can apply the same thinking creating a new one. Your journey as an Angular developer is to create modular, performant, accessible, and maintainable applications by simply following the best practices and general guidelines that goes with them

Lego-like building blocks

Angular applications are built on logical modular principles, which means that you can simplify your life as an app developer by benefiting from dividing your code into small blocks. Those blocks can be reusable and can help to maintain immense code base health. It will help the business be more efficient, organised, cost-effective, and stay in line with any company’s KPI.

Angular ecosystem

Angular ecosystem contains all the possible fundamental tools and features you need to design and build an app. For example, libraries like Angular Material incorporate diverse components and modules, which helps save a lot of time and costs when building new applications. In addition, all of the Angular Material UI components, patterns, and performance are optimised to meet all expectations and high-quality standards.

You are not alone on your journey with Angular; by joining Angular, you are becoming a part of a friendly environment where you can become a part of the Angular community and benefit from various tools Angular ecosystem offers .

The Angular ecosystem is boundless. Its generous selection of well-maintained production-ready components and tools will make your development life simpler and painless. In addition, things such as strong typings will save you time catching errors and help you scale your projects.

Strong Typings with TypeScript

TypeScript is a first-class citizen in the Angular ecosystem. Angular itself is built with TypeScript, a Superset of Javascript, meaning that you are on the safe side and have more control over your code. With TypeScript, you can easily spot bugs and typing errors while producing understandable, efficient, and high-quality code.

Best Practices

Angular programming style is based on best practices, which are embedded with modern component-based architecture. So, what does it mean exactly? First, as a developer, you will build components and other angular building blocks that will be united into a solid application. Then, all you need to do is construct modular parts of the app, while Angular tooling will take care of everything else. Doing so eliminates unnecessary code creation. Furthermore, proper and correct preliminary setup and configuration that follow best practices will simplify your work, ensuring a lighter and more efficient development process.

When it comes to app development, it can be a challenging journey. Even though we are pretty spoiled with the various options to choose from, only the right decisions and best practices can convert our efforts into success. That is the reason why so many companies are choosing Angular.

Angular Development Tools

As mentioned earlier, the Angular ecosystem is boundless and very developed. It provides a wide range of advanced tools that can bring your development experience to an entirely new level.

Please see below the tip of the week, which can navigate you through the available options:


Last but not least, there is a very fruitful conversation available on Angular Rocks Podcast, which focuses on this matter in every detail.

The guest we hosted is Minko Gechev, the technical lead, and Angular Team DevRel Manager at Google. He is passionate about computer science, open-source frameworks, libraries, and performance tooling. His extraordinary expertise helped us cover all of the hot topics that any web developer wants to hear about, from modern dev tools for Angular developers to insightful tips and tricks that will help to improve your development processes. You can listen to the episode here

As you can see, Angular will never let you down, and by continuing to explore the Angular world, you can progress and enjoy the development process on an entirely different level.

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oniichan profile image

What I like about Angular is it's templating system and separation between logic, style and markup. The downside is its initial learning curve, which becomes rewarding further on when you start understanding it's concepts.

philiphassialis profile image
Philip Alexander Hassialis

Additional benefits include being as much separated in terms of logic and form from the code that actually runs in your browser, becoming part of a constantly dropping trend (as stateofjs constantly proves) and of course enjoying huge cosebases that take ages to load and actually using dependency injection for even the simplest of tasks.

ryanb1303 profile image
Ryan B

i'm learning angular now to benefit the file system structure, the default separation of logic and presentation.