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Anton Reshetov
Anton Reshetov

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MySigMail Card is out 🚀🎉 A free drag & drop email template builder

Hi folks! 👋 MySigMail developer here. I'm excited about the launch MySigMail Card -

MySigMail Card is a free drag & drop builder helps you create email templates intuitively and very quickly. No need to register or create an account.


  • 50+ pre-designed components in categories: Menu, Header, Content, Feature, Call to action, E-Commerce, Footer
  • Content editing in components
  • Uploading external images
  • Live preview
  • Project management
  • Support email clients: the templates have been tested to render across major email clients, with support on popular web, desktop and mobile platform
  • Export the ready-made, compatible with any ESP, email template


  • Vue
  • Vuex
  • IndexedDB

It's free!

I'd be happy to get any feedback 😇

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paulasantamaria profile image
Paula Santamaría

Looks amazing! I personally loved the design and the idea of having predefined sections, it makes the design process easier.

antonreshetov profile image
Anton Reshetov

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you liked the project. 😊