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Hey guys! i hope you are doing well.

Yesterday after seeing that lot of people on twitter are creating their Github profile Readmes i thought i should do something cool & unique, so i created this ->

Github Readme Stats


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⚡ Dynamically generated stats for your github readmes

Github Readme Stats

GitHub Readme Stats

Get dynamically generated GitHub stats on your readmes!

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GitHub Stats Card

Copy paste this into your markdown content, and that's it. Simple!

Change the ?username= value to your GitHub's username.

[![Anurag's github stats](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api?username=anuraghazra)](https://github.com/anuraghazra/github-readme-stats)

Note: Ranks are calculated based on user's stats, see src/calculateRank.js

Hiding individual stats

To hide any specific stats, you can pass a query parameter ?hide= with comma seperated values.

Options: &hide=stars,commits,prs,issues,contribs

![Anurag's github stats](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api?username=anuraghazra&hide=contribs,prs])

Adding private contributions count to total commits count

You can add the count of all your private contributions to the total commits count by using the query parameter ?count_private=true.

Note: If you are deploying this project yourself, the private contributions

Github readme stats allows you to simply add a markdown image link and it will show you realtime stats for your github account.

![Anurag's github stats](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api?username=anuraghazra)

And the cool thing is since it's just an image you can embed it anywhere even on Dev.to posts!

Live Demo:

Anurag's github stats

Pretty neat isn't it? Try it out right now on your profile readme too! :D

After seeing that people liked the Github Stats Card idea i created Github Extra Pins

Github Extra Pins

Github extra pins allows you to pin more than 6 repositories in your profile by using github readme profile.

Yey! you are no longer limited to 6 pinned repos


Live demo:

Top Languages Card

[![Top Langs](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api/top-langs/?username=anuraghazra)](https://github.com/anuraghazra/github-readme-stats)

Live demo:
Top Langs

Check out the docs to learn more

That's it :D
I hope you guys liked the project. And make sure to give it a star on Github

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Github Stat Card

Github Extra Pins

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Thanks a ton! I spent some time and made this an AWS Lambda (github.com/metaskills/github-readm...). What an awesome project, had a lot of fun doing my GitHub page today. github.com/metaskills


I included your tool in my github readme generation tool. #justforfun..

Keep it up, good job! :)


Looks cool, just don't forget to attribute the service it helps other people find the origin of the stats & supports the project. :D


Thanks. Here’s Vercels privacy policy for those interested:



Nice will surely use it 🙌🏻


Great! It has quite a bit of potential. I'm already using it in mine :)


Loved it 😍, I have started using it on my profile.


Thanks for this Anurag, well done!


I added it to my github profile. Thank you