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10 Must-Use VS Code Extensions For Web Developers😈

Certainly, VS code is one of the most popular and widely used code editors among developers. VS Code’s popularity comes with its excellent UI Design, great themes, and numerous helpful Extensions.

Therefore, if you have chosen VS Code as your primary code editor and are looking for the best extensions to boost your productivity and save valuable time, this article is written for you.
This article will discuss the 10 Most Useful and my favorite VS Code Extensions For Web Designers & Developers. Each extension helps you to complete your coding work and boost your productivity conveniently.

1. CodeSnap

code snap

CodeSnap is a Visual Studio Code extension that allows users to take beautiful screenshots of their code and share them with others. It allows users to select a specific part of their code or an entire file and take screenshots of that selection. Screenshots can then be annotated with text and shapes and shared via link or embedded in a website or document. CodeSnap is a handy tool for developers who need to share code snippets or explain specific parts of code to others.

2. Auto Rename Tag

auto rename tag

Auto Rename Tag is a VS Code extension that automatically renames both the opening and closing tags of an HTML element when one of them is changed. So, for example, if you change the name of a start tag from a to div, the connected closing tag will also be updated to </div>. This utility can save time and reduce the risk of errors when working with large or complex HTML documents.

3. CSS Peek

css peek

CSS Peek is a VS Code extension that allows developers to quickly navigate and edit CSS styles defined in external stylesheets directly from HTML and JavaScript files. It provides a "Peek" feature that will enable you to hover over a class or id selector in your HTML code and see the corresponding CSS styles in a tooltip. In addition, it allows you to view and edit the styles without switching between files or manually searching for the complementary styles in your CSS file.

This extension can be beneficial for working with large or complex CSS stylesheets, as it allows you to find and edit the styles quickly applied to a specific element without navigating through multiple files or searching through large amounts of code. It also allows you to quickly understand the styling of a particular project component and make changes accordingly.

4. Colorize


Colorize is a VS Code extension that adds color to your code. You can visualize the colors in your code by adding a color swatch next to any color value. It makes it easier to identify and understand the colors used in your code, especially when using multiple color variants or styles.

The extension supports different color formats, including HEX, RGB, HSL, and named colors. You can even change the brightness and saturation of the swatches, which is helpful when working with light or dark colors. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to choose colors directly from the editor, which is very useful when creating or editing styles.

5. JavaScript (ES6) code snippets

JavaScript (ES6) code snippets

JavaScript (ES6) code snippets is a VS Code extension that provides a collection of code snippets for JavaScript development using ES6 syntax.

This extension includes snippets for common JavaScript concepts such as loops, conditions, functions, etc., and ES6-specific features like arrow functions, template literals, and destructuring. It also includes snippets for popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular.
Using these snippets can save a lot of time for developers as it eliminates the need to type out the code for everyday tasks manually. It can also help to ensure consistency and reduce the chance of errors in your code.

6. JavaScript Booster

JavaScript Booster

JavaScript Booster is a VS Code extension that provides a collection of code snippets for common JavaScript concepts and frameworks.
This extension even provides a set of refactoring tools, which can help to automate common code changes and make it easier to make changes to your code. It furthermore includes a feature to automatically import missing modules, saving time and reducing the chance of errors.
It also includes other features, such as code navigation, code commenting, and code formatting, which can help improve the overall development experience.

7. Better Comments

Better Comments

As the name suggests, the Better Comments extension allows developers to add rich and instructive comments to their code. In addition, it highlights your comments with different colors according to your comment type. As a result, this extension could be more helpful when working in a team.

8. Code Time

Code Time

Code Time is a VS Code extension that tracks the time you spend coding and provides metrics and insights about your coding habits. It runs in the background and tracks time spent in the editor, keystrokes, and lines of code you write.
It even provides various metrics, such as daily and weekly reports showing how much time you spend on different projects, languages ​​, and files. It helps developers understand their coding habits and where they might be paying too much or too little time.
It also includes a feature called "Pomodoro Timer," a time-management technique that encourages users to take short breaks after working a certain amount of time. It can help improve concentration and productivity.

9. Auto Close Tag

Auto close tag

Auto Close Tag is a Visual Studio Code extension that automatically adds closing tags when you type the corresponding opening tags in HTML or XML files. It saves developers time by automatically closing tags and eliminates the need to add closing tags manually.

After entering the opening tag, the extension will automatically add the appropriate closing tag and place the cursor between the tags so you can add your content. It saves a lot of time, especially when working with complex or large HTML or XML documents because it eliminates the need to manually type the closing tag.

Plus, it automatically updates closing tags whenever you change the opening tag name, ensuring your tags are always in sync and ending properly.

10. Prettier


Prettier is a Visual Studio Code extension that automatically formats your code according to a consistent style. It supports various programming languages ​​and can format code according to customizable style rules.

The extension can format the code as you save it, or you can manually format the entire document or a specific selection of code. This eliminates the need to format code manually, saving time and reducing the chance of errors. It also helps enforce consistency in the codebase, making it easier to read and understand.

Prettier can configure the following rules: B. The number of spaces in the position of indentation or brackets. It can also be configured to work with other formatting tools such as ESLint.


I hope you liked these extensions and are eager to use them in your VS Code. Use them to boost your performance, speed, and accuracy and make your coding life easier. If you think I missed any critical extension, let me know in the comment section, and I will extend the list.
Thanks for reading this article. I will see you all in my next article😊

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frankfriel profile image
Frank Friel

I would include the Auto Close Tag extension on this list as well. How many times have we been diligently working on our HTML just to find some formatting error that was due to a missed close tag? Yes, we do it, don't lie. LOL

arafat4693 profile image

Thanks for the suggestion, Frank. However, nowadays, everyone has this extension installed, I suppose😊

arafat4693 profile image

I've added now also AUTO CLOSE TAG in the list. Thanks for the suggestion😊

henry_sanderson profile image
Henry Sanderson Viyuyi

Thanks for the suggestions, I already have some installed, but I'll look into the others especially the last one, Code Time. I really need that just to keep track of my working habits. I also think Prettier is a very good extension to have as a developer, just makes everything look great.

arafat4693 profile image

Thanks for reading. Yea I agree, prettier is one of the key extension nowadays😊

tlylt profile image
Liu Yongliang

Code Time looks interesting, feels like an alternative to Wakatime

arafat4693 profile image

Yes, It is really useful. Try it😊

gamerseo profile image

Really great Extensions

yoel3imari profile image
يوسف العيماري

svg-shrink is also great when working with svg. it makes the code more readable

arafat4693 profile image
Arafat • Edited

Thanks for sharing, first time hearing about this extension. Let me check it out😊😊

godfreyalimony profile image
Alimony Godfrey

Great I really like the extensions you have mentioned.
Thank you

beldrdev profile image

Good list! Maybe include more??

arafat4693 profile image
Arafat • Edited

Yea, I will. Just collecting few more extension from the comments.

wallterr profile image

Great! Thanks a lot!

cogeda profile image
Coger Glasso

Nice ones!

felixhaeberle profile image
Felix Häberle

i18n folks: The Inlang VS Code extension we are building has been a lifesaver for me in handling i18n complexities. It's effortless to translate, detect missing translations, and update content seamlessly within my VS Code. There is also a typesafe JS library and a CLI for machine translations.

creativemediahouse profile image
Creative Media House