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DomeCode Blogs are here!

Well, after a long wait, DomeCode Blogs have finally arrived!

A new platform for blogging that's already integrated into a coding platform means TRAFFIC! If you're a budding technical writer, now is the perfect time to get on that train of thoughts that lead you to write the ideal blog post before traffic hits peak on DomeCode blogs.

DomeCode Blogs is more like a better version of Forem, the technology that powers except-of-course it is tailored specifically for DomeCode. It will be open-source soon enough and will be re-packaged as a usable Python package ( Django ). People could integrate it to have a blog, a powerful one indeed on their website that allows new bloggers to chip in, hashtags, a high-quality search that costs less, etc.

There are still a lot of things to roll-out down the road for DomeCode, and each component ranging from Blog to Fusion ( ) makes up DomeCode a unified platform for developers to access tools and resources efficiently. The fun part, we've made our significant codebase open-source.

More importantly, if you want to start early, apply to become a blogger at DomeCode using, and I'll personally let you know about the outcome of your application.

If you are excited to work on DomeCode, you can drop a mail at or fill this form.

Github -
Discord -
Reddit -

Apply ( Blogger ) -

Whatya waiting for? Join the community already!

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