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Write your first test in Cypress

In this tutorial, we will cover how to write your first test in Cypress. We will go over the basic Cypress syntax and run our tests using the Cypress Test Runner.

Creating your Cypress Test

Cypress Test

  • to go to any URL, you can use the cy.visit() command
  • Cypress also provides various types of page assertions such as cy.url() and cy.title() to assert the URL as well as the title of the page

Running your Cypress Test in the Cypress Test Runner

To open the Cypress Test Runner, you can execute the following command below:

npx cypress open

Once the Cypress Test Runner opens up, you can execute your test which will show results similar to this below:

  • You can see all the Cypress commands listed below such as visit, URL & title
  • All your successful assertions will show in Green and failed assertions in Red

Cypress Test Runner

Check out the video below to see how to create your first test in Cypress:

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