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Pixel Wars: Design

Pixel Wars will be my entry for the First Ever DEV Contest.

Pixel Wars is a web game inspired by Reddit Place. The game will have a square canvas with a number of cells. The player can click on a cell to claim it, and the goal is to have as many cells as possible.

Game rules

  • The game board is a square canvas with a number of cells to be defined.
  • When the player clicks on a cell, the cell is assigned to that player.
  • A player can only claim a cell if nobody has previously claimed any cell or after a different player has claimed a cell, i.e., a player cannot claim two cells consecutively.
  • To ease the previous rule when there are few players, there will be a bot that will claim a random cell if no player has claimed any cell in 2 minutes, or when there are no players connected.
  • The game session will (most probably) not be preserved between connections. When a player leaves the game and comes back later, it will be considered a new player.

How am I going to use Pusher?

This is a real time game in the sense that when a player claims a cell, all other players must be notified as soon as possible. Therefore, I'm going to send updates to the game board using Pusher. Also, the game will have a leaderboard featuring the players with most cells claimed currently and in total. The leaderboard will also be updated in real time using Pusher.

Tech stack

I will create a simple backend with Node and MongoDB and I will use Elm in the frontend.

That was my introduction. I hope to see plenty of entries, and good luck to everybody participating in the challenge!

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Israel García

Nice! Im waiting to see that working!

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Ben Halpern

Cannot wait!

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Victor Piolin

Great Idea, Good Luck with it !! :)

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Jess Lee


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Andy Zhao (he/him)