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AWS Community Builders at AWS re:Invent 2020

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As one of the AWS Community Builders, I have been watching and reacting to all the news, events and announcements coming out of AWS re:Invent 2020. I mostly post my thoughts / comments on Twitter but in this post I am hoping to pull together reactions from the wider Community Builder population.

Who are AWS Community Builders?

"The AWS Community Builders program offers technical resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to AWS enthusiasts and emerging thought leaders who are passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting with the technical community."

You can follow the Community Builders on this Twitter list OR here on DEV itself

What is re:Invent 2020?

AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the global cloud computing community. The event features keynote announcements, launches, sessions, and more.*

In the past it used to attract over 50,000 people and was hosted in Las Vegas. This year due to the global situation, it has gone free and virtual. This has opened up the conference to those who may have previously been unable to justify the cost of the conference, travel or be able to take the time out of their schedule to attend.

I have been fortunate to attend 2 prior re:Invent conferences (2018,2019) and also re:Inforce (their security conference in 2019 that was cancelled for 2020). The biggest thing I miss about this year's re:Invent is the "hallway track" - talking to the attendees there... So if you have anything interesting about re:Invent or AWS to talk about in general - hit me up on Twitter !

AWS Community Builder Reactions and Analysis

Recently Added Links (As ReInvent 2020 continues into Jan 2021!)

January 2021

re:Invent discussions!

re:Invent Highlights

Keynote Highlight

Coverage on ARM cpu's from Amazon - Graviton2 by Luc van Donkersgoed

Coverage of the newly announced "CloudShell"

Keynote Coverage

Catchup on re:Invent news on the CloudPod podcast

The latest live stream covering re:Invent news is also available on youtube (below)

Coverage of Keynotes in Italian..

Coverage in German about Werner's Keynote

Last but not least Keynote!

re:Invent news / sessions with Front-End Web & Mobile

Running Java inside Lambda using the new container image feature

Coverage from Peter DeSantis "Infrastructure" Keynote

May not directly be related to re:Invent but with a lot of Serverless announcements - this pattern is super useful (and required in many cases)

my "tl;dr"(too long didn't read) version of most of the announcements out of re:Invent 2020

A run through of AWS Amplify Admin UI by Community Builder Alex Patterson with Rene Brandel of AWS Amplify team.

Post combining a few recent launches - ECR Public, ARM based Graviton2 instances and the popular Tensorflow framework.

Week 2 coverage by Luc van Donkersgoed

re:Invent planning tool

Starting off with not a blog but a shoutout to fellow Community builder Ken Robbins who has built an excellent tool for planning all the re:Invent sessions! I had used this tool last year to calm the madness that was session planning and it's even better this year.
You can filter for latest launches, focus on specific day or time, make a wish list that you can come back to later and more! Highly Recommended!

Andy Jassy Keynote Coverage

A number of people covered Andy Jassy's keynote - a few summaries by Community Builders below.

Top Pick (from the keynote) article from one of our Community Builders

Analysis of Andy Jassy keynote in Spanish

A "re:Cap" of Andy Jassy's keynote in German by Andreas Rütten with other AWS Developer Evangelists and AWS Heroes

A recap of the AWS re:Invent 2020 Keynote with Andy Jassy

by Andreas Wittig / Michael Wittig of

Machine Learning Keynote coverage

Coverage of latest "ML" announcements from the "new to re:Invent" dedicated keynote covering all this Machine Learning

Cool technique of using Rekognition to scrape re:Invent announcements from Screenshots!

A quick run through of Security releases from re:Invent

Using the newly launched feature of using Container images for Lambda

re:Invent Personal Schedules

With over 500 sessions repeated multiple times there are over 1800 events to pick from! A few community builders have posted what they are looking forward to...

My AWS ReInvent first-week schedule and why it matters by Lucas Moura

Data Sessions Week 1 by Matt Houghton

AWS re:Invent 2020 Day 2: AWS is coming to a data center (or pizza parlor) near you! by Luc van Donkersgoed

New AWS EC2 Mac Instances A Few Things To Know

A post about the newly launched Amazon EC2 Mac Instances by Tatenda M

AWS re:Invent 2020 News

A collection of re:Invent news by Andreas Rütten

AWS re:Invent 2020 Day 3: Optimizing Lambda Cost with Multi-Threading

A cool article covering some of the new announcements including higher limits for Lambdas and 1ms Billing Granularity by Luc van Donkersgoed

See how the newly announced AWS Amplify Admin UI can help

Another post on the newly announced AWS Amplify Admin UI

Andy Jassy Keynote, AWS Re:Invent 2020

The following are the list of key service updates announced by Andy Jassy in his keynote speech today (December 1) as collected by Tom Spencer

AWS Trainium

ML Training Chip custom designed by AWS to deliver the most cost-effective training in the cloud. Available on EC2 or Sage Maker

Whats New In Data: re:invent Andy Jassy Keynote

It's a different experience this year. The chat with my teammates is a mixture of discussion about new features and pictures of good times in Vegas from previous re:Invent conferences.
Andy Jassy has finished the first keynote of 2020 and I was not disappointed. Lots of great new features that we have use cases for.
Here are my favourite data related features announced during the Andy Jassy re:Invent keynote.

AWS Proton

The process of defining a service template involves the definition of cloud resources, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, and observability tools. AWS Proton will integrate with commonly used CI/CD pipelines and observability tools such as CodePipeline and CloudWatch. It also provides curated templates that follow AWS best practices for common use cases such as web services running on AWS Fargate or stream processing apps built on AWS Lambda.
Infrastructure teams can visualize and manage the list of service templates in the AWS Management Console.

This post is now managed includes content originally collected by

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A fellow Community Builder, Tom reached out and offered up his list and some additional tips on formatting and content. Thank you!

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