FYI: Dev Connect

awwsmm profile image Andrew (he/him) ・1 min read

I never realised that this existed:


It's a private messaging app inside Dev.To! If you want to talk to someone, you aren't limited to simply writing on their posts.

Honestly had no idea this existed until I stumbled across it today.


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We haven't made it a big push because it's still felt a bit unfinished but mostly due to ideas that haven't quite been figured out yet.

But I use it every day to coordinate with folks. If you mutually follow, it's a great way to connect.

We'll also be shipping open inboxes soon, for those who want to welcome DMs from anyone on-platform. Of course this will come with solid report abuse and blocking features.


Open inboxes would be great! I’d appreciate having the option to allow messages from folks.


It's funny because most of the ones I follow don't follow me back and vice-versa.


I just discovered it the other day too! I like that it only connects two people who follow eachother.