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Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D for Microsoft Azure

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Join us live on May 19 for the Azure Static Web Apps Anniversary!

Visit the Event Page for Schedule & Speakers

It's time to celebrate! 🎉

Azure Static Web Apps became generally available on May 12, 2021, launching a turnkey service for modern full-stack web apps with pre-built and pre-rendered static front-ends, and serverless API backends. That was nearly a year ago!

Celebrate with #SWAanniversary

On May 19, 2022, join us live on Learn TV for a 2-hour celebration of the first SWA Anniversary! The event will also be livestreamed to Twitter, Twitch and YouTube on the Microsoft Developer channel.

We'll be hanging out with our favorite speakers and guests from both Microsoft and the larger developer community. Can you tell we're excited for this milestone?

Add the event to your calendar, and join us live - or bookmark this page and revisit it for links to relevant resources and video replays.

Schedule & Speakers

Check out the Event page to learn more about the speakers and topics on the agenda.

I updated this link on May 14 given we just had new speakers and topics added to the agenda!

We've got a number of familiar faces from Microsoft, but I'm most excited to hear from the developer community (about their projects) and from the Azure Static Web Apps team (about what's next!)

Learn with #30DaysOfSWA

But there's more! Are you new to Azure Static Web Apps? Do you want to get a beginner-friendly tour of the core concepts, usage examples, developer tools, and best practices involved in building and deploy modern web applications with this service?

You're in luck!

Watch this space for an update on a new content series that will help you jumpstart that learning journey! Throughout the month of May, we'll bring together a diverse group of technologists to share short articles with resources and insights on a curated tour of Static Web Apps - taking you from code to scale.

The #30DaysOfSWA logo

How Can You Participate?

Some actions you can take today to get ready for a fun month of learning:

Self-Study Resources

Our goal is to help make this a beginner-friendly learning journey into Azure Static Web Apps. We hope we inspire you to keep going beyond #30Days - and wanted to share resources to motivate you to keep going. Here are three links to bookmark:

  • The Resources page - will be updated with links related to each article in the series, all through May! Use this to explore detours and deep dives.
  • The Microsoft Learn Path - teaches you how to build your first Static Web Apps powered experience - with React, Angular, Vue and Blazor coding options.
  • The #30DaysOfSWA Collection - a Microsoft-specific collection of resources (from documentation to videos and code samples) that I will continue to update.


Over the next #30Days, I hope to introduce many of the folks who are contributing time and content to this series. Let me kick things off today with three introductions:

Reshmi is a PM on the Azure Static Web Apps team. Follow her for news and updates on SWA!

Jenny is a PM on the Global Experiences team. Follow her to learn about physical and virtual developer events from Microsoft!

Nitya is a Senior Cloud Advocate on the Developer Relations team. Reach out to her if you have ideas or feedback on #30DaysOfSWA.

Devanshi is a Product Marketing Manager for the Azure products like Azure Static Web Apps and Azure Functions.

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Azure Static Web Apps (SWA) is a service that automatically builds and deploys full stack web apps to the Azure Cloud - directly from the code repository. With SWA, static assets are separated from traditional web servers, and served from geographically distributed content servers worldwide for speed and efficiency. API endpoints are hosted using a serverless architecture that is cost-efficient and scalable on-demand.

Want to know more about all things Azure and Microsoft? Follow the Azure organization on for articles from Microsoft engineers, advocates and practitioners.

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