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Learn Kubernetes with this 5 part series

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  • Fundamentals
    Kubernetes is about orchestrating containerized apps. Docker is great for your first few containers. As soon as you need to run on multiple machines and need to scale/up down and distribute the load and so on, you need an orchestrator - you need Kubernetes

  • Nodes, Pods, Services and Labeling
    This second part aims to give additional context to Nodes, Pods and introduce the concept Service. There is some theory and some practice with Kubectl.

  • Static scaling
    This third part aims to show how you scale your application. We can easily set the number of Replicas we want of a certain application and let Kubernetes figure out how to do that. This is us defining a so-called desired state.

  • Auto scaling
    This fourth part is also about scaling but we are not talking about setting the number of Replicas. Instead, we are talking about automatic scaling, of letting Kubernetes scale to as many Replicas as it needs based on settings you set on CPU and other metrics. This is great way to handle a sudden barrage of incoming requests.

  • YAML files in Kuberenetes
    Learn about YAML files and how to use them in Kuberenetes

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