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Power-up Power Platform with Serverless Custom Connector

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#PowerfulDevs Conference



The Powerful DEVs Conference is the first virtual conference of its kind. We will showcase how developers can leverage the Power Platform to build applications faster and with far less effort. Connect with industry-recognized ProDev influencers, Microsoft Cloud Advocates, trusted and diverse community leaders, and members of the Power Platform Team.


Revisit this page during the event to engage in live (and post-event) discussions on those topics with both speakers and community. The speakers will be here for a live Q&A for at least 30 minutes immediately after their session concludes. After the event, come back to find additional slides, videos, and resources for this session.

About This Session:

July 15, 2020: 16:00 PDT - 16:25 PDT

Power Platform provides nearly 400 connectors for external API communication. However, what if there is no out-of-the-box connector available for my purpose? You can easily build a custom connector using Azure Functions so that your Power Apps or Power Automate has more power! Throughout this session, I'm going to show how an Azure Function app can be powered by Swagger and easily turned into a powerful custom connector.

About the Speakers:

Justin Yoo is a Senior Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft and Microsoft MVP alumni. Follow @justinchronicle on Twitter.

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If you're interested in, please visit those two pages:

And, the sample code I used in the session today is:

Try them and tell us your thought!


That was an awesome talk! Thank you - I was actually sketch-noting as you spoke. Have to clean it up and share soon!


Awesome, Nitya! Thanks for the note and looking forward to seeing it!


Psst. Looks like Nitya's link is unpublished...


Oops it's replaced!