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Pushing Left, Like a Boss — Part 5.8 — Securing Your Cookies

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The previous article in this series is 5.7 URL Parameters.

Continuing on our long trek through secure coding principles we have come to the topic of cookies, which are used for sending information back and forth from the client and server.

In order to secure the decision-making and/or sensitive data that we need to pass between the client and the server, we need to put in a secure cookie. Secure cookies are encrypted, not encoded, which means someone needs a key in order to decrypt them, to change or reveal the information that they contain. In the case of secure cookies, that key is stored on the server (a secure location). Anything that is sensitive, used for decision-making within your application, or is otherwise inappropriate to put in a URL parameter or a hidden field, should be passed in a secure cookie.

My friend Imran A Mohammed and I, #Null Singapore 2019

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