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Alternatives to JavaScript

bello profile image Bello ・Updated on ・2 min read

JavaScript is written in C++, including engines like Spider Monkey, V8, Chakra, etc. That is, JavaScript codes are compiled to machine codes, but C++ binding is used in runtime between the browser and the engine.

Since browsers only support JavaScript, other programming languages can be transpiled to JavaScript before the C++ binding can be done successfully.

Codes can now be transpiled from languages like TypeScript, Dart, etc. to JavaScript then compiled to machine codes in the JavaScript engine

More on browsers and engines C++ binding later

Below are alternative languages to JavaScript:

It is advisable to know JavaScript fully well before learning other alternatives to JavaScript.

A high-level language like JavaScript is abstracted from the machine level. Check out the Freecodecamp article to learn more.

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E.R. Nurwijayadi • Edited

There is another way.

  1. In frontend web browser you can use WASM
  2. While in backend CLI you can utilize native NodeJS using N-API

For example this rust code as native nodejs.


Rust as Native NodeJS using N-API

In NodeJS world. we see movement from javascript to native nodejs.

But strange that I haven't seen it in Deno.

myzel394 profile image
Myzel394 • Edited

You can't replace Javascript with WASM. WASM was never intentioned to replace Javascript nor does it. WASM is only really required when you're using complex Mathematics (like when you're developing a 3d game that calculates sun reflection or doing a video cutter, etc.). WASM also cant access the dom.

bello profile image
Bello Author

Thanks for the info.

bello profile image
Bello Author

Thanks, it is really nice. I will try that. Lovely!!! 😊

epsi profile image
E.R. Nurwijayadi

Thank youuuuuu.

aakatev profile image
Artem • Edited

One small detail. Although most JS runtimes, like V8, are often written in C++, JS itself is not compiled into C++. However, there is C++ API allowing to interact with the runtime.

bello profile image
Bello Author

That's nice info. Thanks for the update.