Announcement from the DEV Community Founders ❤️

Ben Halpern on October 01, 2018

We’re excited to share with you all that we’re taking a new step in the DEV journey. We have taken on some new investors in order to help keep the... [Read Full]
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We're so thankful to have partnered with investors that understand and share our long-term vision and priorities. This entire project only works because of the incredible and ongoing contributions from all of you in the DEV community — we'll work hard to always respect that relationship as we grow and evolve.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey!


Wow - congratulations Jess, Ben, Peter and the entire DEV team. I continue to be impressed by how deliberate and measured you have been in every decision made, and it's inspiring. Here's to the next phase and future!


Thank you Nitya!

Your support has been incredibly motivating.

I very distinctly remember our first time meeting


OMG!! This. I remember this day so well - and its incredible how far you've come while still retaining that core focus & principles that you were articulating then. I am super grateful we met and feel privileged to know you both. Not sure from the tech perspective, but from the larger fact that you are teaching me (and so many more) about empathy & inclusivity by action.


Thanks for being a part of this journey everyone. We look forward to working with everyone to build the platform that our community deserves.

const EVER = true;
for (;EVER;) {
 console.log(`Congrats for taking the new step toward the better ❤🦄🔖`)

Congratulations to your team and the community at large! Excited for what's to come and happy to be part of the journey.


Thank you so much, Amjad! Can't wait to see how we can work together to create the best possible developer ecosystem.


Congratulations! The community has been the most friendly and constructive Internet community I've interacted with. Hope that the investment results in even more awesome developers joining this community.


Thanks for the incredibly kind words. Our intent is to double down on all the efforts that have gone into fostering this so far.


Well done Ben, Jess and Peter :-) You've been building an awesome community here and I'm glad to be a part of it.


Thank you Michael! I feel like we've occasionally been too busy to even make use of the wonderful support and help we've gotten from folks like you and @nickytonline and many others. And the fundraising process really didn't help that.

But the future is looking really wonderful and we will be looking to improve our communication patterns with some of the amazing devs on the site like yourself.


I'm really happy for you and Jess and Peter. You are such a big part of our 'little' community, and looking forward to all the wonderful things that will come next. Wishing you success and propensity for years to come.


Congrats and amazing news! Keep up the great work. 🔥💯


Thanks so much!! Your support has been truly amazing Nick! This is only the beginning of something that will keep growing and becoming more special.


That is a super awesome news. Congratulations @ben , @jess , and @peter . You folks have done a commendable job. I am happy to see DEV grow. Happy to be a part of it all. 🎉

Peace! ✌️


Holy guacamole this is incredible news for the entire DEV team. I struggled to find a dev forum that I liked and could stay in, after being here for over a year that's now over. So glad and thankful for the people that have helped keep this site alive, all the work that has been done by the core team and open source contributors is astonishing and inspiring. Cannot wait to see what's installed for the future!


You guys are awesome. I'm so proud of what you guys have made. Expect a resume from me shortly lol.


Congratulations to @ben , @jess , @peter , and the entire team! I love seeing this solid growth and knowing I can continue to enjoy quality articles and comments from this community. Looking forward to the next evolution!


Congrats Dev Team! It's been exciting watching the community grow! Ever since I found this, I find myself coming back almost every day. Keep it up! 👌🏽 👍🏽


Thanks, Lynne! It's been awesome watching grow and evolve through a similar timespan. We've all been building and working hard. Onwards! :)


I know! I don't have kids yet, but I imagine it's like two parents watching their new borns grow up side by side. And who knows, maybe our kids will grow up and play well together as toddlers? 😜


This sounds great! I can't wait for what's in store for this awesome community. I've always found to be so friendly and so helpful in the daily. I've always found articles that are so easy to understand. The people here are so friendly and really knowledgeable in a lot of subjects. also has given a platform for people like me who don't really have much experience to share what little knowledge we have. It's great! Glad to hear isn't going anytime soon 😁 ❤️

This deserves a slice of pie 🍰!


WOW! That's such amazing news! 🤩 Can't wait to see what's in store, DEV is honestly one of my favorite websites 💖


Thanks, Meghan! You've been amazing member. I sometimes use your profile as an example of someone who has earned most/all of the badges :)


Congratulations on the milestone accomplishment team! I wish I would have been able to jump on board with this as I would have loved to get involved.


Thanks Benny! You've been such an uplifting member.


It's a pleasure. This project is really refreshing, both technically (blogging in markdown! woohoo!) and socially (inclusivity, transparency, beginner-friendliness) and I think it's time has come.


Wow amazing! I'm so happy about this move you folks made.

The list of investors is great :-)

Well, congratulations!


Thank you Rhymes! We honestly couldn't have done it without folks like you who have really gotten it. We look forward to a long and awesome relationship.


So honored to partner with you all and be a part of the DEV family!


Nice, exciting stuff!

I'm wondering and hoping that the new career and education-oriented initiatives will be the monetization / revenue streams, and everything so far should stay the same?

Very good news, congratulations!


Things are generally going to stay the same, but we will be exploring features relating to training on new skills and finding new career opportunities.

We actually already do some of this stuff, but it's all pretty experimental. It's all based on opt-in, the last thing we want to do is be annoying or extracting in any way. That's why we don't want to lean too far in on the sponsorship stuff we do. If we did too much of that it would take away from the core experience. A healthy commercial component to complement the rest of the ecosystem is what we're going for.


This is FANTASTIC! Congratulations guys, well deserved! I'm looking forward to seeing the continued growth of this wonderful community. Thank you for all you do!


Congrats Ben, Jess, and Peter! Welcome new investors and thx for supporting such a worthwhile project! Awesome news!


Congratulations to everybody on the team! This feels like a huge step for the community.


Congrats on the round and on having built an awesome, welcoming and inclusive community. Excited for what's to come and for being part of this!


Awesome news!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

You've built a really special community here. Look forward to seeing how it evolves! 🙌


Well, I think everyone else has already said it, but congratulations! I'm excited that DEV has an increasingly good looking future. There are few communities that deserve this more than this one.


You’ve been such a longtime believer. Can’t wait to keep working with you to improve the whole dev ecosystem.


Great. Go ahead and keep improving. This community has become part of my daily tech growing. I'm looking forward to the next step.


Hey i'm late to the party but wanted to say congrats to the team and everyone at and of course, the community itself.. it's the single greatest website i read daily. :)


DEV has something special, I can't put my finger on it. Now with investors you can keep up this amazing platform! Congratulations!


Congratulations, Ben!

I bet it's really rewarding for the entire team to witness the success and the community involvement around this platform.

Exciting stuff ahead!


Awesome news right here! I'm glad of being part of this community and being able to learn so much from all of you guys. All the best!


Congratulations! 🎉 Super excited to watch this new chapter unfold! ❤️


You're all building a great community here. This is really good news!


This is awesome! Can't wait to see what's in store as you grow!

Congrats for a job well done!


Congrats!!! This is huge. Your team definitely deserves it. Can't wait to get more involved!!!


Congratulations to the Dev team! This is great for both you and the community here. So glad you're making such a project work!


Congrats Ben!

Is this a money-for-equity deal or something else?


Yeah, each investor now has a small amount of DEV equity. It's a pretty standard, simple agreement. 🙂


👋 Hey, Ben & Jess!

Super glad to see your progress and many congratulations for this incredible news. All the best to your team and more power to the DEV community. 💯👊🎉

Peace! ✌️


Congrats! Just to satisfy a curiosity. How does one get on the train and invest $5K to this wonderful venture? Never done it before but would like to know how to get started.


Worthy of salutations.

Congrats, Ben & Co!

You're inspiring people -- seriously.


Ah, if I just had time for a second job...

Thank you for DEV though!


Thank you so much tux0r! We look forward to many great years ahead.


This beautiful place on the internet needs all the love possible ❤️



We will be able to make a few new hires (check out our new openings),

Mr. Burns from the Simpsons going 'excellent' and making a finger steeple

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