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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Do you code on the weekend? How often, what’s your routine like?

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Nathan Tamez

I do Personal projects and stuff. Every weekend to be honest.

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Recursion in a while loop?

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Nathan Tamez

haha, thanks it should be

// Recursion in a while loop Bug fix
    if (alive)  day();
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Kenneth Cochran

Could be ala clojure.

  (if (alive?)
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Jack Williams

Codeception, I love it

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Rifai Martin

Game ?

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Nathan Tamez

I don't nearly as much as I used to or a would like to. Always something to do, like work or personal projects as I'm still in uni/college. I also left my game PC at my place at uni, so only have my MacBook pro. as much as I love OSX , games don’t play nicely with the hardware (good specs but lack of cooling) or OS. but sure let's add game().

// adding game(), and ditching recursion for a while loop
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Jason Huebel

This is my attitude, as well. I often work on personal programming projects or contribute to open sourced projects. But if I want to be a lazy bum all weekend, I don't feel guilty about it.

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Mohamed I.

I really need to lean not feeling guilty about not coding in my free time. I've multiple personal projects that I've never finished.

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Kesavan Palani

I am also struggling a lot. It requires more discipline to work on personal project during weekend.

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Jacque Schrag

I actually actively try not to spend time coding on the weekend. If the mood strikes me, I might spend an hour or two on a side project or reading articles, but after a full week at work, my brain is ready for rest. I also developed carpal tunnel in my wrist last fall, so the physical rest is necessary too if I want to avoid being in pain during the week.

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Nick Janetakis

Weekends for me are not much different than weekdays as a self employed freelance developer. I work when I'm interested in working. Sometimes that's 15 hours on a Sunday, and other times it's 15 hours for the whole week.

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Every weekend, I try to concatenate one more design pattern in one and testing the results. Is it good or not ? if good then I'm using it in particular projects that I've.
Sometimes trying to write basic AST and thinking about of it to improve but I don't have not much sources that I can rewrite it properly again.

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Jacob Evans

I really need to do more reading. Not just articles on here but books 📚. Lol 😆

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Giuseppe Vetri

Here's my routine:
🛏️ Wake up
🧺 Breakfast
🧹 Do some house cleaning
🤓 Take some courses online for 1 hour
💻 Work on something i'm interested for 4 hours using pomodoro technique. For example: A blog post or some API i want to try.
💑 Spend the rest of the day with my girlfriend

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Claro A Briones

Yup I code on the weekend. Lately it's for freelance projects, but there are times it's for catching up on my day job backlog.

My typical routine is to wake up early on Saturdays (around 5am), do some light exercise and work until my family wakes up. This usually gets about 4 hours of solid work. On Sundays I sleep in, but get some work in on the evenings after we put the kids to bed.

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Shannon Crabill

Yes, I code on the weekend. And most weeknight evenings.

I do not have a set routine, but since my bootcamp started on Monday, I'll be spending that time reading course material, doing lab challenges and working on side projects.

I recently read an article about reading 200 books in a year and I'd like to combine reading more with code. I got a library card last week and want to take advantage of what coding/programming books are out there.

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Steve Layton

My Saturday routine has been polishing up any bits of code I started may have actually written during the evenings all week long. If I do write something during the week, it tends to be more of a brain dump, just enough to give me a starting point on the weekend. Even then I try not to spend too much time coding during the day, that can wait until after the little one goes to bed. Sunday follows more or less the same pattern.

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Sarah Bartley

I usually do. I do tutorials for 25 minutes. Now that I'm doing 100 Days of Code I'm doing an hour of just building projects. I split it up by doing 30-minute sessions. Right now I do 30 minutes of just building a project. The other 30 minutes session is for updating my portfolio site.

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Prahlad Yeri • Edited on

Coding is like addiction, most of us will probably get way more bang for the buck if we were to spend more time doing something else for a change like reading a book or learning a new language/concept or even go visit the mall or do some other chores (Google on law of diminishing marginal utility in economics to understand the rationale for it).

But we are so addicted to coding that we can't even take the weekends off. Its so easy to just keep coding and procrastinating things!

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I typically write/brainstorm blog posts on the weekend 🤙

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Mike Tallerico

Right now I do spend the weekend writing code. Mainly because I am trying to land my first job. So building/learning as many things as I can though the weekend is important for me. On Saturdays I'll get in 2-3 hours. I try to get up before my wife that way I don't take to much time away from our day. Sundays usually in the evening I'll do some work.

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My employer pays me hourly, and there's an endless supply of work to be done. And I also really enjoy building software. So, if I'm otherwise bored on the weekend, or if there's a particularly fun/challenging task I'm in the midst of, I will definitely code on the weekend.

That readily available stream of income does make it challenging to justify spending time on personal or just-for-fun projects which tend to pay exactly $0.

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If I am going to code on the weekend it will be on a side project, either my DND Initiative tracker or a project I have with some friends at work.

Usually I will work on Sunday mornings and only for a few hours, if I hit a good stopping point an hour in I will quit early. The work week really takes it out of me along with my long commute, so I like having free time. If I really need to code outside business hours, I have a two hour train ride I can make use of.

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Nadine M. Thêry

Now that I am engaged with the #100DaysofCode challenge I force myself to code everyday.
However, I have always defended the need to have to multiple passions at the time and the necessary rest for the brain.

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Code Panthers

I literally have enough time to complete my programming tasks at full scale only on weekends. So other than just watching something online or chit chatting, the rest of the weekend goes into coding and preparing for the next week

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Jochen Lillich

Not only do I code on weekends, I even broadcast it on my Twitch stream. 🙂

And it's for work almost all the time, too. My job allows me to work when and where ever I want, so I make as much use of that freedom as I can.

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Rifai Martin • Edited on

I used to have bad habits, spent playing games for hours without additional insight into the world of programming, but I began to change in a better direction, using 5 hours every day with a focus on learning something that was my target to master. I need to set myself up, the most important thing about using time

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Brett Stevenson

Since starting a new job where I'm coding ~8 hours a day, I usually don't spend as much time coding on the weekends as I used to.
I'll usually spend some time making small changes to personal projects that I thought of throughout the week, but beyond that I usually try to focus on other things when possible.

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Saugat Rai

I try to code and level up my js skills. I don't have a sort of routine. But I try to follow youtube videos or udemy videos. :)
How about you?

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

Please explain this "weekend" you speak of.

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 • Edited on

Yes, at least 4 hours each day.
I code whenever I am permitted to.

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Shon G Joseph

Me on fridays: two days marathon coding
My brain: ...
My brain on Saturday: Nobody told me. I dint see a checklist, I AM TAKING OFF TODAY
Me: But,...I..told..
Me: How about some reading and exploring and bit of coding tomorrow
My brain: Whatever

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I like people like you. People like you leave doors open for people like me. People like you don't really DO this shit. You do it for the paycheck, you do it for your parents. You do it because you don't know what you REALLY want to do. So by all means, keep doing what you're doing.
Sincerely, a fucking PROGRAMMER.

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I try to make the weekend a relaxing time for me, but sometimes some issues etch and I cannot resist doing some small edits. It also gives me a very high moral boost when I work when others are not (like if you stay late at office or come early before others).

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Gotta agree. I really like having no routine on weekends. Anything's game: get up to something with friends, chill out alone, work on a hobby project...

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Suleyman Melikoglu

Almost never unless I hack some raspberry pi stuff for fun.

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Ben Halpern Author


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Andrew Brooks 👨‍💻

I try to either practice any design patterns I've been learning recently or I'll aim to learn something entirely new even if it's something small.

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Antoinette Mkwapatira

Some projects are very soothing to work on, so I'll write for those when I need to relax a bit.

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Craig Butcher

I try not to code at all on weekends as they are playdays with family, outings, hobbies to pursue. Unless I get an idea and write it down in my little notebook that I carry around with me.

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Eng Soon Cheah

Depend on my job task. If my project need to use new technology, then I will spend more time to code.

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Pedro Otero Prada

I do but I don't have a routine. Nor can I keep the momentum for many weekends. I think that having a routine would take the fun out of it.

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Jack Williams

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. This weekend I started a course to learn drawing (and continued one in Unity 3D).

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Skyler Kehren

It's on my 'let's try' list every weekend, but it mostly depends on how empty the tank is form a overly full-time job during the week.

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When I feel like it, I poke around a little. But I never force myself to, weekends are for relaxing.

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Jonathan Boudreau

I often spend my weekends going back and forth between coding side projects and playing guitar. I code on the side regularly, but its usually not related to work.

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Non stop if I can rn.

  • Treat mid week as w/e.
  • Prep Friday.
  • Set targets.
  • Chill a bit.


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Hunter Drum

I code when I have the opportunity, including weekends. No real routine.

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Attaullla Faniband

I m usually learning the new languages during my weekends..and its make me happy and i m too crazy to die into new new language to learn...

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Frederik 👨‍💻➡️🌐 Creemers

The weekends are the perfect time to not have a routine. I code on whatever I want, if/when I want.

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Wern Ancheta

Yes! If I get a chance. Be it an hour or four hours. But life usually gets in the way on weekends and I just let it and not feel grumpy about it.

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Mihail Malo

I code exclusively on weekends.
During the week I am too busy sleeping.

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Mik Seljamaa 🇪🇪

I code but atm no schedule whatsoever. Which is a problem.

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Fulton Browne

I program on the weekends not because I need to, because I want to.

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Jacob Evans

Yes. I usually just work on coding problems if I get inspiration I work on side projects. Sometimes it leads to articles on here. The routine is whenever my toddler is asleep lol 😆

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Joe Lowrance • Edited on

Little bit of Pluralsight, little bit of "job" focused code and a little bit of "fun" code. Then some vidya.