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Ben Halpern on June 15, 2018

Following folks on has always been key to customizing the kind of content you're more likely to see in your feed and notifications, but now ... [Read Full]
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The only people I stubbornly refuse to follow are the ones who beg for followers in their posts. Puts me right off, that does. If this is going to happen every Friday, though, there are far too many people to list.

For technically interesting posts l like I'll push these folks:

All of them have made interesting posts where I've actually learned something new. That should be all I need to say about that. At least I kept it under ten :)


So many awesome folks to follow on this platform!!!

Here are a few I'd like to highlight for some following love!

@juantalon all around solid guy who shares a ton of details about caring for yourself and being a healthy developer. Super talented in programming and design.

@lynnetye creator extraordinaire of the resource called Key Values. Key Values is an awesome way for devs to find engineering teams based around values. This is super important in my opinion cause the hype of tech and product can only go so far. It's about finding a healthy team and a company culture that enables you to blossom as a dev.


I write on JavaScript, setups and start a lot of discussions.

2 of top 3 most commented post are mine on *

itsjzt image

😶 * Saw last time when infinity posts were sorted by comments


I'll start.

Follow @nitya if you're interested in the Google ecosystem. She runs a big GDG group and is super knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. Recently she's been all in on Flutter.

Follow @dogweather for Ruby/Rails content and overall great discussions. He's been a great boon to the community since becoming a part.

Follow me if you're excited about what we're building at because that's mostly what I talk about but it's kind of hard to avoid me on-platform. 😄

by the way

Mentioning the user and using the tag ({% user ben %}), as I have, is a good format. But feel free to use any format you like.


OMG I am ridiculously gratified by this - thanks @ben ! I had not thought about following & engaging people in a more deliberate manner but am now inspired to do so.

Hope to participate in the next #FollowFriday rounds. And yes, definitely excited about #flutter and starting off next week on a 2-week sprint to explore Flutter features in earnest.

Also the use of the user tag when mentioning people is a great tip. Did not know that. Keep up the good work at! You folks are the best!


I think there's a bug. I only see the follow button on alternate user cards.

(Like if you see it too 😁)


Follow me if you think the best stage is the n00b stage. I love learning and follow others that are learning new things. I'm 40 years old and if I don't feel like a newbie at least a couple of times each week I'll consider myself old, that won't happen anytime soon.


Follow @ben for all his articles, open-minded, dynamic and no matter the subject all his posts are well written and inspiring (even his website)

I would recommend @damcosset for his very clear and clever articles which helped me a lot, especially about the blockchain technology.

Follow @ice_lenor too if you want very well written articles about plenty of subjects, from interviews to several very useful tips.

Finally, you may follow me, because you can and so we can try this super beta feature together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Aw, thank you Pierre, I'm flattered you mention me. Happy you like my posts! :)


I'll go second because this is an awesome idea!

Follow @michael for some awesome content on building Twitter bots.

Follow @grantwinney for a swath of #devtips and to get insights into a bunch of different languages.

Follow me if you are hungry to learn more about the cloud, specifically around Amazon Web Services. I love geeking out on all things cloud and could talk for days about how to use or not use it.


Thanks Kyle. :)

If I were to suggest some other people, I'd start with @vickylai who's written some pretty cool scripts that've saved me time and a little sanity too. :) I implemented her post on deleting old tweets after reading about her reasoning.

I'd also suggest @lpasqualis because his posts are always well thought out. More than a few of them have made me look at my career slightly differently, in a good way.

Lastly, check out @kaydacode . I've enjoyed her insights on the workplace and hiring process, especially questions you should ask in an interview.


Follow me and @Wiaio for detailed tutorials and great hacks!


Follow me, if you are interested in hearing me learn and share about test automation. QA hero and Code Newbie. Also, I follow back :)


Follow @amycodes ! She posts quality content about software engineering as well as things like career advice. She's also got a youtube channel!


Awwww thanks so much @chuck_ha !

On the same token. I would encourage folks to follow you too! I think Chuck is a great follow too!

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