Follow Friday! (v4)

Below you can either write about why someone might want to follow you or devs you think others should follow and why. Feel free to do both.

Remember that mutual follows can message/pair via DEV Connect, so you're encouraged to follow back and say hey 👋

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Hey Ben! Thanks for doing this. I've followed everyone recommended so far. Looking forward to more recommendations. As for myself, I'm currently trying to write daily, and motivate other devs to do that same. I'm very beginner level content, nothing too heavy. Would love to connect with other and talk about current projects, goals, etc. :)

I'll start with four great devs this week.

Follow @rpalo , who has been an incredibly consistent contributor. He writes about Python, Ruby, bash and general development. Great community member.

rpalo image

Follow @loganmeetsworld , who has written several of the site's most popular posts, including the fascinating Homographs, Attack!.

loganmeetsworld image

Follow me if you're excited about what we're building at because that's mostly what I talk about but it's kind of hard to avoid me on-platform. 😄

by the way

@ Mentioning the user and using the tag ({% user ben %}), as I have, is a good format. But feel free to use any format you like.

Follow Jeff Kreeftmeijer, Phil Nash, and/or Michael Kohl for great Ruby/Rails posts!

jkreeftmeijer image
philnash image
Classic DEV Post from Aug 14

Timsort: The Fastest sorting algorithm for real-world problems.

Used in Python, Android JDK and for reference types in Java

Follow @s_awdesh to see more of their posts in your feed.
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