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Follow Friday! (v6)

Who have you been keeping up with on that others should know about?

Let us know who and why by mentioning them in a comment!

Name as many folks as you want, including yourself!

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I'd appreciate anyone following me. I've got couple of topics that got some attention around here, like my last post.

This week I followed and was fascinated by Nick Karnik. He is a very positive person with 20+ years of experience. He also has a new youtube channel with couple of interesting videos.

Also recently, I encountered 2 wonderful people Ryota Murakami and Brenda Zam.

I am crazy for positivity, so if you are like me, kindly follow these wonderful people!


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Burdette Lamar • Edited

Follow me, Rubyists, because...

I'm building gems for you:

markdown_helper: supports file inclusion for GitHub Flavored Markdown, plus page table-of-contents.

debug_helper: shows analysis of an object, sometimes recursively.

structured_log: supports nested sections, timestamp/duration, and exception rescue.

test_values (new): supports named values to be used in testing.

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Ben Halpern

+1 for Rubyists. Burdette is doing great stuff.

Btw, if you want to propose some use cases for your gems in the repo by opening an issue on the subject with us, I'm all for it.

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DISCLAIMER: I'm not good at promoting myself :P
Hey guys! I'm the technologies lead over at the Qub³d Engine Group. We're aiming to create an open-source, fully-moddable, professional-quality voxel-game creation suite for Minecraft-esque games.

Go follow Barney Wilks our lead developer and code standard enforcer.

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Ben Halpern

I'll start with @brendazam , who is one of the most positive people on the site. A newer developer extremely hungry for guidance. Everyone in her network benefits.

I'll also mention @geekgalgroks for her wonderful "Introvert's Guide to..." series.

And lastly, @genejams for his great web dev content, and generally great contributions to the community here and via issue submissions.

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