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Please, accept this virtual cake

          | |
      _.--| |--._
   .-';  ;`-'& ; `&.
  & &  ;  &   ; ;   \
  \      ;    &   &_/
   | | | | | | | | |
   J | | | | | | | F


As soon as I posted that I realised it looked like a middle finger. It's not supposed to!


As soon as you posted that, I realized it looks like a middle finger. I chuckled whether it was supposed to or not. Guess I'll be turning 15 this year!


Happy 4th Birthday!

...okay, yeah, family joke. You get your "real age" by adding the digits in your age together.


If you get a two-digit number as the sum, you have the option of adding again.

The benefit of this system is, you never actually age past 18.


But the danger of that system is about how hard to verify age-related information. 🤔


or which base you're using. He could be 3*16+4...

oh, to count my age in octal, instead of decimal...


so no more "walked into bar" jokes ?


oh nice I'm 4 too... guess the two numbers now...


I have a philosophy that everyone I don't know is 29... it has served me well.

That all depends on what you believe is typical of 29-year-olds. That philosophy could be good, or incredibly bad.

I've known a couple of people that clearly assumed anyone they didn't know was an overambitious college-undergrad-turned-script-kiddie, which led them to look their nose down at people with many times more experience than them.


Happy birthday man. Mine was on the 16th and I was the only one who remembered. reading your wished made me happy because they are September wishes 😁


16th is my Spwanday, too. Awesome.. didn't knew anyone who had the same Spawnday as i do. Cheers!

@ben : Happy Spawnday ;)


Happy belated birthday. I'm sorry no one remembered your birthday.


I remembered, just didn't know you that well. That's also my wife's birthday.

console.log('Happy Birthday Ben 🎉🎉🎉');

Ooooh. Happy birthday Ben! (Belated)

Here's a virtual coffee to go wit that virtual cake😄

)  (
     (   ) )
      ) ( (
( C|/\/\/\/\/|

I think plans exist, but I’m a bit out of the loop 🙂


One could say the plans are uhh, not null.


I have no other way of saying this to you, unfortunately....

It's really unhelpful when you delete a post in the middle of someone trying to help you.


My apologies - the misunderstanding caused me be to become embarrassed by the the problem so I reactively decided to remove the post.

Never be embarrassed because you need help.

But also never disrespect someone who is trying to help you, by just deleting the question they're replying to you on.

People asking questions help everyone, and we all have those moments where we ask silly questions - nobody will make fun of you for needing help.


Happy birthday Ben! Thanks for building a great community.


Didn't even think of posting my birthday on here. Maybe that would have softened the blow of no one really saying anything to me or calling me beside the Facebook crap people do when prompted.

Got like a phone call from family and my partner and I had a date night while our daughter's grandpa watched her... It wasnt all bad....

Anyways... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Ben, hope you have a great day 🍻. Thank you for creating a brilliant community for all us nerds! 🤓


Happy birthday Ben! I had my birthday last month and switched to hex now, but you're not quite there yet :-)


Happy Birthday Ben!

Your work is benefiting a lot of us.

Inspiring to me.