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Thoughts on GitHub Actions?

GitHub just launched “Actions”

I’m personally pretty into this sort of thing, but I haven’t taken a deep look into it.

What are your thoughts?

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Frederik 👨‍💻➡️🌐 Creemers

I think building in CI capabilities was something Gitlab got very, very right. GitHub relied on its marketplace to provide many of the services that Gitlab has built-in. I think they might be seeing users making the switch to GitLab, and reacting to that.

The visual way of setting up actions does look more intuitive than setting up GitLab Ci, though.

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Gabriel Mazetto

There are discussions here on implementing a visual editor for the With GitHub Actions, this will probably get prioritized.

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Cédric Foellmi

That's right, however GitLab is painfully unstable / less reliable compared to GitHub, IMHO.

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Ali Spittel

Environmental variables for GH Pages is huge for my students -- I have a similar set up with Netlify right now that I'm super happy with for personal use, but they usually use pages and this will help a lot.

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Aaron Schlesinger

I have high hopes. I've fought with Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CI, etc... throughout my career, I'm just kinda tired. Each thing has its own good stuff and bad stuff. I seriously just wanna run containers after hooks are fired. CircleCI and Azure DevOps come closest (sorry for the shameless Azure plug).

Circle is cool b/c it supports any GH org you own, but it uses remote docker daemons that come with some weird limitations, and that config file - all that YAML!

DevOps is cool because you can run docker compose things. And out of the box, each only run for commits and tags (iirc)

Not really sure if GH actions are good for CI - I'll probably keep existing stuff around (even if it's hacky) because why switch if I already did the work. But all the other stuff you could do! OMG all the other stuff.

Here's some top of my head (some stolen from here):

  • Maybe when a repo is created, an action can automatically create a placeholder website for the project somewhere (S3, Netlify, whatever else...)
  • Maybe when a GH release is made, an action can build a changelog for it
  • ... and tweet it out?
  • ... or write a quick blog post for it

There's probably tons more too. Anyway, I like the flexibility that you can respond to any GH action, and that it's gonna be automatically on for any repo, and that you can do stuff in any language as long as you can do it in a Docker image

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Bernhard Webstudio

Just to mention an aspect I feel nobody else mentioned yet: GitHub totally takes over features, which used to be set up using the GitHub Marketplace – I do not want to know how people at Travis & Co. are feeling right now.
How many of the Apps in the GitHub Marketplace have been rendered useless this way?

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Jack Harner 🚀

Welcome to software development.

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Think about vendors everytime AWS releases a new service :D

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Juan F Gonzalez

It seems like a Zapier way of doing DevOps on Github. But I'm happy with all new features they can add so as to not having a need to use any other of its competitors.

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Nick Karnik

After years of pain with VSTF CI, I doubt MSFT had anything to do with this! :D

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The newer cloud version is much less painful to implement.

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Lukasz Gornicki

GitHub Actions are awesome but I do not like they provide limited support for most open source projects that collaborate using forks. More on that in by post

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Marcin Michniewicz • Edited

Interested in an easy example of GitHub Actions build workflow? Please check my article about how we use GitHub Actions in our opensource project: BPMN Visualization

take care

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Darryl Norris

It looks pretty cool; I will love to use actions rather than writing my own integrations base on webhooks.

It remains me to Shopify Flow.

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Jaime Rios

Perfect timing I'm developing a blog post on top of that.

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Joe Hobot

Reminds me of Dialogflow + Google Functions but for pure CI entertainment.

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Ahmad Awais ⚡️

I am super optimistic about them. One step closer towards making GitHub more better without having to install a couple different automation tools. I think it's a welcomed change.

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Valentin Silvestre

Having everything on same platform feel good. No more travis ci :)

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Chris Bertrand

Looks pretty good to me, nice to see new features coming out!

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Anthony Bouvier

I'm looking forward to trying it out.