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Thanks Thomas!

It is still in beta, a lot more features are coming along!


It took me 3 months to acquire it, owner didn't want to sell and then let it expire, but I am now the proud owner of "".
I haven't done anything with it yet but I was thinking to make something like Is Ruby Dead?


Haha, good question! I actually let a couple expire recently, which felt good. However, I'm still holding onto

I've got some vague notion of an open-source project where developers help each other to get healthier. Doubt anything will come of it but it's an idea that interests me!

  • [redirects to a spotify playlist]
  • | [future home(s) of my fiancΓ©e && my's wedding website]
  • [personal portfolio]
  • [been sitting on it for a few years, kind of hoped I'd sell it or put it to better use by now - still waiting for the right idea or chance to sell] > My personal blog powered by Jekyll > Work in progress app for marketplace sellers to monitor sales and stock > Blog in Gujarati(a vernacular language of india) powered by jeky to post inspirational stories from books, magazines, newspaper s etc => My personal site => A PWA site with quiz about JS, great to learn and train for a job on culture

Unfinished projects: => Should be a blog about fermentation and cooking => A website for online courses with part of a price that goes to charities


I have fantastic indecision when it comes to domains so I keep hopping across the TLD spectrum. I first bought, got tired of it and then let it expire. Then moved on to for a brief period, finally settling on I still own to redirect people to the new domain, and it still gets about ~10% of the hits my .dev domain does so clearly the renewal was a smart choice...


Too many. 😭

I had this horrible habit of buying a domain name every time I had an idea for something at 2am. Now I am waiting for them all to expire.

I am happy I stopped doing this, now I put things as a subdomain and don't buy a proper domain until I have some sort of MVP and at least 1 user that I don't personally know. :) but I stopped writing for while. -- Chinese quizzing app -- A spaced repetition app (SRS), with OpenAPI, but if people posted too much content, it might be hard to maintain. - for when my sister finishes her CS we'll have a joint website - it sounds cool...... - personal website

The first one I've owned since I was 17. Still under a 10 year registration until 2023. That's how long I have to come up with an idea for it. πŸ˜‹

I used to have the .io of the second one, but those are expensive. It was just cool from a quantum theory perspective: input/output. Collapse wavefunction. Thought it'd be cool for some sort of startup incubator. Something about creativity finding success. βš›οΈ


Haha, I feel your pain. I just let a 13 year old domain expire:

With the best will in the world, I just couldn't come up with a good purpose for it. It's a shame because originally it had pretty good traffic when it first launched but for about 10 years it was effectively dead. Decided to give up on it and focus on more realistic projects...

Stupid idea over a burger. Maybe one day.....

P.S. Take a peek at the source. It is an exercise in manually writing a valid page, that is serving the whole content in one request-response.
(Even the SVG is manually written. With exception of Base64 encoding of course. πŸ™„ )


I've got and put it to good use :D is coming to a browser near you soon I hope :D


My own name as a domain name in the hopes of building a blog


So many! Some with old orphaned projects. Hit me up if you want to build something with any of these:

  • - old weekend project, might do something with it
  • +
  • - because I love diving
  • - don't ask
  • (The Local List)
  • and - when I thought about building a marketplace for GLTF
  • - when I thought about building a "reverse advertising" model

Got a few!

  • (currently expiring)
  • - the project is dead but I was proud of the project and what it helped me to achieve so keeping it for as long as a I can
  • is expiring this year... I might re-purpose it but right now it just redirects to my blog
  • - registered earlier this year. I have a project planned but unlikely I'll get to it soon and I'm contemplating a different name all together for it already 🀦 is the one project I actually followed through with and have been doing so for well over 2 years now with a simple goal: to post 1 Thing A Week!


I have my blog and a graveyard/limbo of side projects πŸ˜… is that a smut site?


Not sure what you mean by smut site, but it's definitely not if going by Urban Dictionary's definition πŸ˜‚

The domain holds my blog (/blog) and information about me with a splash page because I wanted to keep adding other stuff in there other than just blog posts, eventually.

The name itself comes from an inside joke with a professor in college ~10 years ago (he had opinions on VisualStudio and other Microsoft products). "Cosita" is the diminutive of "cosa" which means "thing" in Spanish.
.... And many other LLLL domains - will be a personal tech blog



I have 2 at the moment, only one of which I use. The placeholder is, which I plan to do something with eventually.


Just started working on Kind of excited about it even though I've hardly done anything.

I also have I really should do something with that at some point.


I own

Its one 2, tree 4, and five 6. (.dev) (.net, .co)

Probably would sell them all at some point maybe


just two
One for me and one for the dev studio


For Spanish people the tldr "soy" (I'm) can be interesting
Mine is so can be translate as "I'm Jorge Aguilera"


I saw a meme about coronamingle, so decided to snatch up


Using everything I own... Should I be holding my kids names? Those are ones I've been tempted to hold.


That's actually a good idea! Especially for your name which sounds common.

But at the same time, I don't know if in the future it will be common to have your own first and second name as a domain name. Might be!


I'm actually not holding onto any. I feel weird saying that now that I know some people who do have a lot that they're holding on to. I have 1 domain, and it's because I'm using it. Lol


I am Learning MERN stack developer i am holding web development domain what about you? answer i am holding platform with ruby.


I haven't bought it, but I've been watching and for years. One day I will be the only nick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I'm holding onto it mentally lol

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