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What is your fitness routine?

For a healthy mind and body, what do you do regularly to stay in shape?

Reminder that these comments are not doctors' advice and nothing mentioned here will necessarily be health for everyone.

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Manas P

◼ Gym Chart (Evening)
◾ Monday: Chest, Triceps
◾ Tuesday: Back, Biceps, Forearm
◾ Wednesday: Leg, Shoulder
◾ Thursday: Chest, Triceps
◾ Friday: Back, Biceps, Forearm
◾ Saturday: Leg, Shoulder
◾ Sunday: Rest

◼ Sleep 7 - 8hr (Recovery will be fast while Sleeping)

◼ Food
◾ Morning and Noon, Plenty
◾ Night: Sprouted or Boiled Grams + Egg

◼ Water
◾ Drink Plenty of water and stay Hydrated

utkarsh profile image
Utkarsh Talwar

Looks like a good routine, Manas. Hitting every muscle group twice a week.

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Daragh Byrne

2-3 Gymnastic Strength and callisthenics session (incorporating mobility and static strength stuff too) per week.

Short 20 minute yoga/stretch most days.

Walking most days. Hiking at the weekends if I can.

I used to work with the fittest dev team around. We'd run bootcamps together in the park every second day. At least one of them went on to become a personal trainer.

Never stress yourself through exercise. Think of it as training your body to move instead. If you are feeling depleted by your routine, you're going for too much intensity - it puts you off. Little and often is the way forward.

This might sound like a lot but the ROI in terms of energy, mental health and feeling good about myself is huge.

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Adrian Bece

I have had scoliosis and kyphosis for most of my life, and I've been exercising over a year and a half to fix it and I'm seeing the improvements every few months.

I exercise almost every day (with few exceptions when it's unavoidable) and every 3 months I get 2 new sets from my trainer. These sets are tailor made by a posture specialist (chiropractor I think) and based on routine checkups I do every 3 months. It's fairly cheap (for international standards at least).

The exercises themselves are fairly easy to do (no equipment needed besides everyday things you have at your home - chair, box, pillows, etc.), but are really effective and intensive since those are corrective exercises. Depending on the set, I usually exercise 30-60 minutes a day.

I also want to encourage anyone who has an issue with their posture to seek advice from a medical professional and invest at least 30 minutes a day to improve their posture. Your body will be grateful, trust me!

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Igor Irianto

I spread out my exercises throughout the day.
Instead of once-a-day for 1 hour, I do 20 min morning, 20 min mid-day, and 20 min evening. This keeps me pumped throughout the day.

I do calisthenics, so the only "equipment" I have is a pull-up bar. Low maintenance, and I can keep working out even if I'm on vacation :). Calisthenics allow me to keep up with consistency.

My breakdown:

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Leg

6days/week, Sunday = rest (minor stretches).

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Leon Lafayette


We have the same regime 😂

kailyons profile image

I only have one chair, but otherwise the same

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Shannon Crabill

My routine lately has been a walk with the dogs in the evening. Weather permitting, it's about a mile.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Pilates and long, podcasty walks! This site has been a particular blessing during pandemic times. I also have a really shoddy used exercise bike I bought on OfferUp ($50!) which has been adequate for the Portland rainy season while gyms were closed due to COVID.

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K • Edited

Every other day I do some power lifting and low intensity cardio on my vertical climber.

Also, I go everywhere on my bike, and soon I can go swimming again.

Public swimming pools are pretty nice, if you can get there when other people are at work. 🙃

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Stephanie Handsteiner

Roll out of bed, jump into running clothes (shorts, shirt, shoes), go for a run.

During work: A quick stretch every two hours or something like that.

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Isaac Lyman

I walk my dog a few times a week (or my wife and I go walking together). I also own a set of five kettlebells, which I use every time I watch TV. Nothing heavily structured or scheduled, just a few basic healthy habits to keep me feeling good.

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Have a Squat Rack in the basement and do a Powerlifting Routine + I run 3 - 4 times a week, in sum 20 - 30km.

alejandra_quetzalli profile image
Alejandra Quetzalli 🐾

Does walking 2 blocks to the nearest dog park for Canela count? 😜🐾

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Raksha Kannusami

Half an hour cardio along with few stretching exercises atleast 5 times a week.

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Stephanie Morillo

20 min 5x a week of Transform 20. It's hard AF and just the right amount of time (20 minutes). It's a stepper-based HIIT workout but you don't need the stepper and they have workouts that include weights.

In the evenings I'll get on my exercise bike for ~10-20 minutes to get some extra blood flow.

Things to note about me: I hate working out with a passion. It's taken years to refine/figure out what works for me and I can tolerate. Happy to share that I've lost 44 lbs in 3 years, with a majority of it (almost 30 lbs) in the past 12 months. But I have my days when I'm like UGH WORKING OUT NO THX.

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Borja Herrero

Wow! Keep the good work up. Congrats!

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Stephanie Morillo

Thanks Borja!

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Rikke K. Petersen

I go for a run 2-3 times a week (even though I hate it, when the weather is hot). I run 6-8 km, and after losing weight during covid, I no longer feel any pain in my legs!
And then I also go kayaking 3 times a week. 8-12 km, 10 km/h. It's great exercise, especially if you have bad knees.

Now I just need more hours in the day to get time for side projects!