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Ben Halpern
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What is your Monday morning routine?

What do you do to get your work week off to a good start?

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Michael Kohl • Edited on

Monday morning is the time of the week where I do all my tracking for "quantified self" sort of stuff, i.e. body weight, BMI, blood pressure, etc. I used to do it more often, but the weekly cadence suits me best.

Apart from that, it's the same as every other day, i.e.

  • Wake up around 9AM
  • Question life choices in regards to bedtime
  • Make coffee
  • Set up workspace for the week (we don't have that much space, so I remove my work setup over the weekend)
  • Start around 10ish
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Robin Kretzschmar

I can totally relate to the second point regarding bedtime... 😅

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Madza • Edited on

Sunday evening. 11:30 pm.
Puts alarm about 20 mins before targeted wake-up time! Tomorrow I am an early bird!

7:40 am - Alarm goes off. Realizes the alarm was set early. Alarm to snooze.
7:50 am - Alarm again. Time to wake up! Turns off snooze mode. OK, just a quick nap...
9:30 am - Opens eyes. Panic. Getting ready in 2 mins. Personal best in commuting to work.

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Nitin Reddy

Wake up at 4:30 am. Get ready for some work out and begin the day with a productive mindset

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Part of the 4:30 am crew also!

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Ben Halpern Author

Damn. 4:30 on Monday or every weekday?

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Nitin Reddy


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It starts a bit earlier :)
Prioritise tasks on sunday evening - breakfast - coffee - going for a walk - cleaning up my desk, so there is only my laptop and second screen on it - Go!

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Ben Halpern Author

Prioritise tasks on sunday evening

What is that process like?

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Actually I have a simple kanban board for myself: Backlog - ToDo - Done.
Every evening I prioritise my tasks for the next day in "ToDo", so I end up with 3-5 Tasks for the next day. I put the tasks which are important and require the most focus first, followed by urgent tasks, which do not require a lot of focus, followed by the rest. I really try to cut the tasks so small that I can actually finish them on that day (does not always work) and move them to "Done". After one week, I archive the "Done" section to have a clean sheet and give myself a high five (:
It is very simple and helps making me the most productive, since I figured I can concentrate the best in the first 3-4 hours of my day.

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Waylon Walker

I really like the simplicity of a good Kanban board

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Robin Kretzschmar

Depends on how my sunday was and how early I managed to go to sleep.
I splitted it into the two wake-up scenarios and the general stuff that follows after both of them.

Possibility 1:
If I got in bed before 22:00:
I set my alarm to 4:30 to go to the gym and work out for one hour.
Breakfast at home after coming back from the gym.
... rest below at common section ☺️

Possibility 2:
If I got in bed after 22:00:
My alarm goes off at 6:00 wether I need to be in an office that day or not.
When I need to drive to an office, I'll take my coffee from home with me or drink it infront of my standing desk in my homeoffice.
... rest below at common section ☺️

Common stuff, follows after both of the above:
Either I have to be at an office and hit the road with a cup of coffee from home or I work from home and drink my coffee infront of my standing desk.
Note: dressing up helps to feel more productive, especially when working from home.

Usually I check DEV and a couple of other sites during my coffee and see what meetings are coming up that day and which tasks I need to get done or delegate.
I also check my journal from friday / the weekend if anything particular happened that needs my attention or that I need to talk about with somebody.

Also standing during that time is a must! 🧍‍♂️

After finishing my first coffee, I try to plan my evening roughly to set a deadline for when I need to drive home or get off work at the homeoffice.

Ideally I have read all my mails and made the most important calls before the first standup begins ✅

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Woke up at 9:00 am 😅 (work from home benefits)

  • Attend morning team meetings
  • Complete the work assigned
  • work on aws machine learning certification
  • work for upcoming dev post (just received a 4 week Streak badge on dev, should write consistently for 8 week Streak badge 😅)
  • set up a plan for tomorrow
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Amy Brown

Every morning I wake up around 7:00, make tea and stretch a bit, journal while I'm drinking my tea, then take a shower and get dressed. (When there isn't a pandemic, I go to the gym and then come home to shower. Nowadays I shower and dress then go for a walk.) Then breakfast and some reading, then I make coffee and get to work.

On Mondays I spend most of the rest of the morning doing my GTD weekly review. (It shouldn't really take all morning, but it does; I've stopped fighting it.) That's when I look at my calendar and set my priorities for the week, and review and reflect on last week.

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Médéric Burlet
  • Wake up at 7am
  • Go for a half hour swim
  • Go for nice shower
  • Cook and eat breakfast while reading articles or a book
  • Go to work by bus or metro and edit / sort pictures from recent photoshoots on the way
  • Reach work around 10am
  • Go through emails, trello cards
  • Do the weekly campfire meeting with the team
  • Then usually have a few catch up meetings with clients.
  • Then time to get productive and working.
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Waylon Walker • Edited on
  • Kids Breakfast
  • Coffee
  • blogging/social medial
  • get kids ready and take them to school
  • get back from the commute by 9:00
  • Coffee
  • Work

There is probably a podcast or music running at any point that I am not interacting with family.

I really should do a better job at having a planning day. I have in the past and have really enjoyed it.

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I tend to get up between 6 and 6:30 am, make a pre-workout and head to the gym for 45 minutes. Come back, shower, get changed, have breakfast and head to the office. Then I usually have a coffee and talk to my manager about the weeks priorities and what needs to be done first. I then check emails and articles for a bit, have our daily standup, stick my headphones on and start coding!

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Schuyler Mortimer

Monday mornings tend to be when I do the "administrative" work to setup a productive week.

  1. Setup my weekly to-do list template in Evernote (place to jot thoughts from the week / todo lists that get updated and crossed off throughout the week)
  2. Define a couple goals for the week (1 achievable and 1 stretch)
  3. Clean out the inbox

I tend to hate admin tasks so try to knock out as much of it I can with an hour of Monday dedicated to it so can coast through the week on that front.

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mayank joshi • Edited on

Let's start:
6:00 am - wake up
6:45 am - gym
8:00 am - back from gym
9:00 am - go to class
1:00 pm - back from class. Lunch time
1:30 pm - strong black coffee
2:00 pm - back to class
4:00 pm - back to my abode(hostel)
5:00 pm - writing post for my blog
9:00 pm - dinner and enjoy with friends.
10:30 pm - Good night.

That's pretty much everyday.😊

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Nick Wu

My Monday starts a bit earlier than other weekdays (7:30-ish). I do a quick 10min stretch routine, and a roughly 30min cardio workout in the living room (don't judge me). After a good shower I enjoy my coffee, and have a quick glance over my day. I note down what I want to do today on a post-it, and take a breath of free air in front of the window before jumping into work!

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K (he/him)

I don't do special monday routines, but I have some work that has to be done on mondays. Buffering tweets ans teaching a course at university.

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Hieu Nguyen

Sleep well on Sunday night, eat right for breakfast, and thank God for a new day filled with opportunities

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Christian Neumanns

I consider a good morning routine to be essential for productive work.

Every morning:

  • wake up with sunrise (no alarm)
  • exercise and shower
  • short meditation/breathing/journaling sessions -> healthy mind
  • light and tasty breakfast (e.g. fruit shake and coffee) -> healthy body
  • to-do list for the day ahead (must be short and doable)
  • work
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Jason C. McDonald

I have the same routine every Monday morning...although the quarantine has thrown a wrench in that. Ah well, I'll get back to it eventually!

What I usually do is:

  • Wake up at 5 AM
  • Read my devotional, eat a light breakfast.
  • Ride my bike to the local café by 6 AM.
  • Check email while drinking coffee. (Also, I like to read a few comics in the morning.)
  • Start writing on my book. By this point, I've also usually switched to decaf. I'll stay in the café until about 10am, and then head home for other work.

Obviously, I'm not going to the café during quarantine, but I'm trying to stick as close to this as I can regardless.

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Reaper • Edited on
  • Simple Workout
  • Breakfast
  • Attend the daily scrum call to get tasks organized for the day
  • Work on them
  • If I'm done with the above tasks early in the day then, I work on some of my side projects ( haven't completed even one properly )
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  • Pray
  • Take a bath
  • Breakfast
  • To shop for work. Hehehehe...
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Marcelo Gonçalves

Wake up 5h30am, make some coffee, breakfast. Catch up on DEV, Twitter. Take a look at investment news, futures, crypto etc. 7h30 start working from home.

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Olivier Miossec

Wake up at 6:45 as usual, breakfast, balcony walk, and back to work

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Ibrahim Abushammah

Wake up at 7 have breakfast then go to work early usually I work daily for 10-12 hours including
2 dinners reading a chapter of a technical book and the actual work.

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Kalaiarasan Pushpanathan
  • Contemplate life choices.
  • Start for work.
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Sharad Raj (He/Him)

Wake up and think of time travel to Saturday night

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David J Eddy