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Oat++ is performance oriented web-service-development framework. Written in C++.

Framework repo:

All repos:


Any kinds of contribution are welcome: feedback, issues, PRs, examples, docs, etc.


I'm looking for your contributions to the DEV codebase :)

Here is a nice issue to start contributing, feel free to ask questions if you have any.


Never worked with ruby before, but might give this one a try tonight. can i work on this one? Doesnt seem to be approved yet


Someone please drop some opensource PHP projects to contribute to :D


I'm feeling too lazy to search and paste the links here, but Matomo, InvoicePlane, GoodWork, and FlyImg are some projects that were once on this thread and are worth checking out.


Gatsby Bulma Quickstart is a GatsbyJS starter kit. A Quick Way to bootstrap your next Gatsby + Bulma site. Written in JavaScript.

Features πŸš€

  • Gatsby v2
  • Bulma CSS
  • Responsive design
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO
  • Netlify Deployment

Languages and Frameworks βš›οΈ

  • Gatsby
  • Bulma
  • SASS
  • GraphQL


Any kinds of contribution are welcome: feedback, issues, PRs, examples, live deployments etc.


Cast-Bucket is an open source podcast App for developers. Its written in React native and aims to achieve up to 95 percent code sharing between web, desktop and the mobile codebase.

The project is still in its infancy, and there's still a long way to go πŸ˜€



I'm working on several OSS projects you can check out in GitHub

Most recently, I'm accepting help with Peacock


Help The Official Python Docs

I've created a tool, a translation station to help translating .po files. planning lots of other features.

for an inspiration of what to add to the editor, see poedit online then try to implement it. see main menu and try some PR for inexistent pages.


Hey everyone!

Thanks Ben for this opportunity. We are looking for contributors for Nightwatch.js - a popular end-to-end testing framework written in Node.js. We have a significant user base and the project has been going on for 5 years. As far as I am aware, it's being used in all kinds of companies and organizations, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Mozilla, Netflix, Godaddy, Salesforce etc. and it's one of the go-to solutions for automated testing.


We are also working on which is going to be a commercial cloud-based testing platform which will work with Nightwatch.

We could especially use help with:

  • bug fixing
  • documentation writing - especially tutorials, wiki, api examples
  • blog - this is effectively dead and we are looking to give it another try



Any Golang projects with newbie-ish issues to tackle?
I've done a few tools ( but I'd need some practice with bigger projects. Web or otherwise.


Me, - Open source graphsourcing technology with visual canvas based diagram


You can help with translation, CSS, JS, PHP, HTML, Python, there's food for everyone :D

elabftw / elabftw

Lab manager, experiment notebook, database for research labs

elabftw logo

Official website | Live demo | Documentation


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  • Tired of that shared excel file for your antibodies or plasmids ?

  • Want to be able to search in your past experiments as easily as you'd do it on google ?

  • Want an electronic lab notebook that lets you timestamp legally your experiments ?

Then you are at the right place !

eLabFTW is an electronic lab notebook manager for research teams. It also features a database where you can store any kind of objects (think antibodies, plasmids, cell lines, boxes, etc…) It is accessed via the browser by the users. Several research teams can be hosted on the same install, so eLabFTW can be installed at the institute level and host everyone at the same place (this is what is done at Institut Curie and in several other research centers around the globe).

Click the image below to see it…


Nosqlclient is written with MeteorJS and I'm in need of contributors for, don't hesitate to contact me !

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