You can now display your most awesome GitHub repos on your DEV profile

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New feature

It's now possible to pull in and display any of your GitHub repositories on your dev.to profile. Profiles get a lot of traffic on the site because people like to know who's behind the posts and comments, and we want to make this experience richer. Future integrations may include Stack Overflow questions you've answered, or any other indications of your software development work that might be scattered across the web.

We got a lot of feedback encouraging this feature. People recognized, and we agree, that GitHub profiles are not telling the whole story of you as a developer. We hope that our profiles will help tell your story.

You can see it in action on my profile (desktop only for the moment).

If you want to add GitHub repos to your profile, go to /settings/integrations to add yours. It's nice to see that several folks have already discovered this on their own.

More improvements are coming, and the site is becoming less and less buggy. We are also getting closer to our goal of open-sourcing the project. One major "feature" is that we're putting some more care into the design aesthetics and have some big improvements coming in that regard.

We also have a new feature called the hiring tag where your company can post that you're hiring developers. We plan to charge for this feature, but it's free for now while we work it out. If you are looking for work, you should follow the tag. We'll have more info regarding the special features of this tag, but for now just follow it or email us at yo@dev.to if you're not sure how to make a listing.

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Also some feedback on the jobs tag: Location, Location, Location!

I understand you want to show as many jobs to as many people as possible. You might not think you want to relocate from SF to NY, but then you find that one amazing job that makes you want to.

On the other hand, I live in Belgium/Netherlands (depending on what day of the week it is), and am unlikely to relocate to the US anyway, so it'd be cool if I could limit the jobs I see to Europe, or even certain countries within Europe


Lol, or from Australia to America, though I could be tempted


Great feature!

It seems like it's only pulling in the first 30 repos from GitHub though.


One line change πŸ™‚

Octokit.auto_paginate = true

Fix should be live shortly.


How can I add repos from an organization?


This is a good case we don't yet support. Added an internal issue.


Just a thought, and maybe this should be in a separate post, but I could really see the website going in this direction.



Yeah definitely. I've vaguely had this in mind for a while. Not that we'd go this route before having truly discovered the use case where the benefit is clear and practical.

If you ever want to discuss this in more detail, make a meta post yourself describing any ideas or use cases and I'd be happy to brainstorm.


This is the crowning of it all. Great job Ben and the dev.to team.


Yeah. Sidebars are not yet accessible but they will be soon.


What about repos in GitHub organizations?


plz make font family of post same as in comment


Hey Ben,

These are great new features! Thanks for continuing to build this community & resource!

All the best,



Great to hear from another Bengineer