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Distinguished Devs #2: John Leider - creator of Vuetify

John Leider is the creator of Vuetify.

A few years ago, John was frustrated with the options available for rapidly prototyping and developing new applications. He started Vuetify as a side project for himself, and never intended to release it. After a friend persuaded him to make it an open source project, Vuetify has become one of the most popular (possibly the most popular) front-end frameworks for Vue.

In this interview, John talks about learning, workflow, and how he got into programming.
We also talk about John's approach to running a large open source project and how it differs from others.

The Distinguished Devs podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify etc.

The next episode will be an interview with Martijn Pieters, the top StackOverflow Python contributor, so don't forget to hit follow.

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