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Advanced JavaScript panels

Previously published on my blog It contains some of the best (in my oppinion ofc) talks from 2017 JS conferences about internals and how things works. Even if they are "old" they are not outdated, hopefully you will learn many new things about your favorite language!

The success of JavaScript filled up the internet with low-entry level resources, introductions and tutorials. I do not complain but as result it is hard to find advanced topics about JavaScript.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos so I decided to share with you the most recent videos I found on advanced topics of JavaScript. Let’s dive in:

V8, Advanced JavaScript, & the Next Performance Frontier (Google I/O ‘17)

This video will give a very good insight into the browser’s JavaScript engine, how it works and what are the optimization techniques. In the 2nd part he will go into the details and explain the new V8 engine, why & how it was made, and how it will improve our NodeJS and Client apps. Performance vs fast startup & low memory vs max optimization.

Compiling for the Web with WebAssembly (Google I/O ‘17)

There are many panels about WebAssembly, but this one is more relevant nowadays and I think it does a better job explaining how & why we will use Native libraries in the JavaScript apps. You will also find out the limitations of working with WebAssembly.

Arindam Paul — JavaScript VM internals, EventLoop, Async and ScopeChains

If you skip the first 5 minutes and the hard to understand English accent you will learn a lot about JavaScript run time, memory model, scope chains and closure.

Node’s Event Loop From the Inside Out by Sam Roberts, IBM

This is a very technical glance into the NodeJS event loop. Find out what makes JavaScript “tick” on the server side.

Denis Radin: Applying NASA coding standards to JavaScript | JSConf EU 2017

Will you fly an airplane that is run by JavaScript? You will learn about some rules a scientific facility learned & applied while making a very stable & safe system using JavaScript. They work with NASA & appreciate clean, fast & stable code.

Advanced Async and Concurrency Patterns in JavaScript

It is only an introduction in the Concurrency topic, the full story last for many hours, but this is a good summary. Kyle Simpson speaks his minds about Promises, Generators, async & other cool new stuff from JS6.

Anjana Vakil: Immutable data structures for functional JS | JSConf EU 2017

Immutability isn’t a new topic in JavaScript, immutable.js is here for a long time. But I think most of the junior-mid JavaScript developers do not use this paradigm because they do not understand it, and what you do not understand you are afraid. Also I think she is a good speaker and a good panel. You will learn some techniques used in functional programming, and they will improve your code quality!

Thanks! 🤝

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Ben Halpern

Wow, great compilation.

Huge fan of posts like this.

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El Yakub


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The loupe tool is great for js. Thanks.

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Jochem Stoel

Thank you for this curated list of interesting stuff.

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LV 🏳️‍🌈

Thank you for this post!

I'm getting more interested in things like JS engines, compilers, and deeper things about how the language works but it's true that there's not as many resources on this.