How to Manage the TOC of Articles on dev.to?

biros profile image Boris Jamot ✊ / Updated on ・1 min read

I know there is no current standard in Markdown to write Table Of Content, but does anyone knows a trick to do it on dev.to?
Could it work by using HTML anchors?
But how can I know the future URL of the article I'm currently writing?

Any help would be welcome :)


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You can use inline anchors with Markdown:

## TOC
  * [Chapter 1](#chapter-1)
  * [Chapter 2](#chapter-2)
  * [Chapter 3](#chapter-3)

### Chapter 1 <a name="chapter-1"></a>

This way you don't need to know the final URL

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Rémi Lavedrine

Thanks for the question and the answer.
I didn't know that trick and I am going to try it in my next post.

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Helen Anderson

Thank you! This is just what I’ve been looking for.