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My morning healthy habits. Or 6 ways to improve Your mood and productivity before writing any code.

Drink water

After night your body is pretty dehydrated. To keep it well functioning and boost productivity - drink water (with a pinch of sea salt - magnesium, potasium, electrolytes) after You wake and and remember to keep drinking it.

Get morning sun exposure

Right after You wake up (or 14-16 hours before You go to sleep) and drink some water (see above) go out and get sun exposure without any glasses on your nose.
Depending on how cloudy it is outside and which place on Earth you live in You can keep it around 10 minutes or extend it to 30 minutes period.

Take a walk

Go out for a 15-30 minutes walk/run/bicycle ride every morning. It perfectly combines with sun exposure. It has very positive influence on Your nervous system, helps lowering anxiety.

5 minute quick gymnastics

Since we usually sit at least 8 hours a day during our workday, it may be a good idea to do a simple gymnastics and stretches in the morning.
I use this set of exercises


You can combine it with taking a walk, there are few guides to take mindful walks.
But if You want to take Your mind and focus to another level - Naval Ravikant suggests doing 60 minutes meditation at least 60 days.
To me its a bit extreme to extend morning routine with additional 60 minutes meditation, but I am keeping in mind to include daily meditation practice.

Delay caffeine

The best time for coffee is 90-120 minutes after You wake up, to not disturb Your natural high cortysol level in the morning.


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