Community Bridge – community maintenance and funding for OSS?

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Today at their Open-source Leadership Summit event, the Linux Foundation shipped a new project called Community Bridge.

You can find the project on its site:

I've yet to form an opinion about it. It seems like their attempt to build something like OpenCollective... but different? I'm curious: what are your initial thoughts?

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Why do you think they didn't just funded OpenCollective?


CommunityBridge is a place where kernel mentors can sign up to share their expertise and pair them with anyone who has the basic skills to apply to work and learn from our community as selected mentees. CommunityBridge will give individuals the opportunity to get paid $5500 plus a $500 travel stipend for a 12-week program to learn from us and solve problems such as finding and fixing bugs that will make the kernel more stable and secure. At the end of the program, mentees will also be paired with CommunityBridge employers for opportunities to interview with some of the top names in tech.

It seems they wanted something in-house specifically oriented for kernel and other linux foundation focused projects..


I love what OpenCollective does but CommunityBridge does more than just funding, "summer of code as a service", security scanning, license scanning etc and is built to deal with a lot of the issues the Linux Foundation ran into scaling projects.

The Linux Foundation is also a non-profit ( OpenCollective is a VC funded [1] organization and not fiscally sustainable due to its patreon style model IMHO [2]

You can see more ways to fund open source out there by going to

[1] -
[2] -

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