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Lukas Bocanegra
Lukas Bocanegra

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🔒 How do you admin your Tokens on Github?

I'm using some APIs on my first web projects. I know isn't safe to let tokens visible on the repos, and I can use an .env file.

The thing is that, if I delete the project on my pc, will I lose the token info?

How do you admin your own tokens? I would like to read you.
Thanks! 🙌

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Matt Pye • Edited on

Do you use a password manager? Quite a few of them allow you to store other passwords or secure notes.

There are a lot of services which help deal with secrets management.
If you use AWS at all then you can have a look at AWS Secrets manager.
Vault by HashiCorp is another good option along the same lines

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Chathula Sampath

you need to keep it in env. If you delete it, you can regenerate one and use it. It is much safer than keeping one token everywhere.

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