What do dev.to-ers call themselves collectively?

booyaa profile image Mark Sta Ana ・1 min read

By collectivity, I don't mean by our trade i.e. developers, but as in the people who use this site.

  • dev.to-er (as in dev two-ers)
  • The dev community
  • dev-ers
  • People what frequent the dev.to

I'm in the dev.to-er camp :D


Editor guide

I’ve felt that we should have an ambassador program where ambassadors are called “dev.to-er guides”


This is absolutely fantastic. Both the idea of an ambassador program and the name!


"to-er guides"... laughed when I finally got that! Love it!


Oh man, sign me up for that program


I know I am new but sign me up. 😆


On the same token, when writing about dev.to, is it dev.to? DEV.to? DEV? WHAT IS IT?!


I’ve always called the site, “dev too” . Hoping the dev.to can shed some light on the matter 😉


Altough english is not my native language, I would just go with I'm a dev. This would mean my profession for one but also that I am active here on dev.to depending on the context 😊


Not a fan of "Dev two-er", sounds bit too much like "Two-four" to me


Are four dev.to-er's together known as dev.to² ?


I like “dev-heads”