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I'm currently working on a seaweed tracker for beaches near Cancun, Mexico. It's been live for a week, but I'm still adding features. I wanted a project to mess around with learning Gatsby and using JAMSTACK.

I'm using:

  • Gatsby
  • Sanity.io for the CMS
  • Hosted on Netlify

So far I'm loving it, and I'm looking forward to using JAMSTACK more for projects in the future. Very impressed with Gatsby, and the free-tier hosting and cms options that are available are amazing.


Gatsby is Awesome. Having website built time under two seconds, awesome SEO, easy to integrate APIs etc. Would check out Sanity.io. I have always used Contentful. Tried Contentful before?


I haven't yet, no. Does it also have a free tier to give it a try? I'll have to look into it!

I don't suppose you know of any good solutions for custom form creation (via a CMS) that plays nice with the JAMstack? It's the one thing keeping me from moving away from WordPress for some of our client sites.

Yes contentful has free tier that is relatively cool for beginners. Have you tried Netlify form? works well with Gatsby. Easier when you use the Netlify form plugin as well.

Yes, I've been using Netlify form for beach reports on the app I'm working on. Pretty straight forward!

I guess the issue I'm looking to solve is having a way for clients to create a custom form in the CMS, have that be built into the static files, and then received by Netlify. I guess I could just get a little more creative with Sanity or look into Contentful to see if it offers a better way to create that experience.

Thanks for the info!

I see contentful doing the Job here. Not to familiar with Sanity. I see your point now though.


Playing around with Vuepress and Tailwindcss to build my blog!

First time using tailwind but loving it so far. It has really nice integration with vue.

  • vuepress
  • tailwindcss
  • Netlify / Amplify / Surge / self hosted. Not sure yet.

Oh nice. Will be nice to have a link to your blog when it is done. I love netlify. You can be up and running on Netlify in seconds.


I'm going to build simple portfolio site for a company, my goal for this week is to decide which tools to use. Thinking maybe Gatsby and either Netlify CMS or Strapi to manage content. Curious if anyone has any thoughts on either of those?


Yes great goals. I love gatsby. Totally go for it. I have built this sites on Gatsby. codewit.co, sunguard.net, buzzedison.co among many others. Been playing around with Hugo as well. Not tried Netlify CMS as yet.


Currently rebuilding my portfolio dalebrooks.me in Gatsby and Tailwind CSS.

I'm mostly done but have some CSS bugs to squash and I also need to connect to my headless CMS which will most likely be Ghost CMS.


is it just me or Ghost seems pricy to me. Basic plan for $29. You can try contentful for free.


Wow! I honestly didn't notice the pricing. I wrongly assumed it was free. I guess I'll be using Contentful after all! 🤔🤷


IPFS notes app with:

  • SimpleID for auth
  • Pinata for IPFS content pinning
  • Through HTTP Request only
  • No dependencies

interesting. Just looked up Simple ID


Full disclosure, that’s a toolset I built with two others. But this is my first time using it to build an IPFS app.


I've lightly used Gatsby and been interested in how to use Apollo to use GraphQL in other React projects.

Recently purchased Learning Clientside GraphQL with Apollo recently and will finish it this week.


All the best and hope you finish it this week.


For those who are using Gatsby, you might need to update your Gatsby to the latest version.

I had it break on me when I was publishing an article a few days back due to the gatsby-plugin-feed issue.


My goal this week: getting netlify lambda functions to build proper with gatsby


Just checked it out. Not bad. What are you using for CMS?

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