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Byte Sized Episode 2: The Creation of Graph Theory

vaidehijoshi profile image Vaidehi Joshi ・1 min read

Today's episode of Byte Sized is about Leonhard Euler and the creation of Graph Theory.

For more about how Graph Theory works, check out this video from BaseCS!

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Vaidehi Joshi


Writing words, writing code. Sometimes doing both at once. Señiorita engineer at Forem.

Byte Sized

Nibble on coding history with Vaidehi Joshi


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Learned two things:

  • that I've been pronouncing Euler wrong.
  • the origin story of graph theory!

that I've been pronouncing Euler wrong

Story of my life. How does anyone even pronounce SQL anyway?


S - Q - L, I've never tried to make it into a word since it has no listed vowels.


As sequential query language..? :D


I've really been loving these videos Vaidehi. 🙌 Also, Ruby the silent actor stole the show for the Heroku advert. 🐕


I agree, Ruby + @ben are the real stars here :D


If you tried to tell me all of this in a 90 minute lecture I'd struggle to say the least.

Great little history lesson 👌

And I'm featured in the ad 😊


Oh man, anybody else hear this and really wanna play this game? Seems like it'd make an awesome backdrop for a scavenger hunt. 😀


I feel like our modern day equivalent of this story is solving a problem so much that you make a new framework 😅

Thanks for the history lesson!


Nice to get some consolidation exactly how it is defined, thanks!

GraphQL's name now makes sense to me! :)


You look great on Camera Ben. Next stop Hollywood


Very nice video, love It!

P.S.: Your dog is almost identical to mine, so sweet.


This wonderful story behind the origins of Graph Theory. Really enjoyed it thank you!


🤔how do i get my video embeds to show nice like that?