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"To be a better programmer, you must fu***ng code! ;)"

Hey guys, if you either are wondering what to do next or if you like coding in your free time – Forget about writing a thousandth calculator, todo list or building a whole full-stack app just to show off your frontend skills. Your efforts can be much better appreciated, and I am sure, having something real and useful might make only good to your portfolio.


Me and my teammates work on an incredibly unique IDE where you can install widgets with a single-click, no matter if it is a dummy content presenter or reservation wizard with loads of business logic. What matters to the end users is that after the installation, the user should be able to experience fully functional UI populated with test data.


Putting things together by hand including setting up your local dev environment, organising your app state, splitting UI into components, organising CSS etc. takes too much time. We just made it simpler without compromising quality and maintainability.

What's a deal?

If you think we are alike, keep reading. We have prepared 6 open source repos of components. They are self-contained development environments where all you must think of is your idea and its implementation. There are already some components in them, but that is not enough. There is loads to code leaving you plenty of room for creativity. You can join our effort, contribute to open source, and make your side-projects installable by others across the world. And we are not talking compromises, sacrificing quality, page-load-time, SEO, or tech-stack. We want to outcompete no-code platforms by the quality and scalability.

What is on the other side?

Your component will be installable with a single-click in GlueCodes Platform. In short, it is an IDE + framework + widgets. It dramatically simplifies and speeds up coding by automation, simple to more complex code generation, notifying what actions need to be implemented for given HTML, single-click widget installation and many more. You can find more here: After first release we received amazing feedback and we are boosted to deliver more. On our roadmap we have features like user accounts, GitHub integration, desktop version or a way to develop and sell commercial widgets. You will be able to vote for new features here:

Here are the 6 open source repos you can have fun with:

Hopefully, see you in PRs

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Juan F Gonzalez

This looks pretty neat, reminds me of a similar product I saw a month ago about creating UI components for Angular but this one to me looks better because it uses React components.

chrisczopp profile image

thanks, to be precise, we use JSX and pure Virtual DOM ( I mean the components are compatible with React because after all they are pure functions which return JSX and they can be transpiled to use React. So, although they are made to be used by GlueCodes IDE, you're actually do it React way which many of us like for the simplicity.

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez • Edited

That is actually even better then. It's the good things about React without the bunch of overhead.

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