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I Create Dev Content, YOU SHOULD TOO [And Here's why]!

I create dev content, you should too!

This is a reply I left in response to a YouTube comment left on one of my videos. The video was about dependency injection and dependency inversion, but this reply I wrote up was - in my opinion - more important than any design principle out there.

I hope my impassioned rant will encourage you to start sharing the knowledge you learn on a daily basis as a dev (or learning dev). With 41.3% of the world about to get internet, it's really a great idea!

Here's my impassioned monologue about why you should start sharing the tech knowledge!

My Reply

"Absolutely true! Dependency Injection and Dependency Inversion can definitely feel like one heck of a topic to explain well. And yet, there are so many out there teaching it in so many differing ways that click with different types of learners.

That's incredible in my opinion, and shows the power of knowledge sharing through the platforms empowering us in today's day of age.

I encourage all developers to kick start a blog, youtube channel, or some sort of knowledge sharing platform that they truly enjoy sharing through.

Everyone has something to share that others have yet to understand. With an industry growing as fast as ours, sharing the knowledge you learn on your journey has huge potential.

Already growing, we now have technologies via advancements in space technology like Star Link that will provide the 41.3% of the world who currently have NO Internet with Internet ACCESS.

Star Link is a Space X project that is already providing internet to a small number of people via satellites.

Within 7 years (or something like that) Star Link is planning on launching 30,000 satellites to provide global internet access.

On top of an already growing industry, we will have billions of new learners who will be looking to learn how to use technology like computers FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

41.3% of the world is A LOT of new learners. With 21 million estimated programmers globally in 2018 estimated to jump up to 27 million estimated programmers globally by 2023 (Two years from now in 2021) we are an industry growing at a rapid pace.

Now add that 41.3% of the world into the equation that has never had internet? We could pretty safely assume that we'll be nearing 35 million programmers globally - if not more - by 2025 and probably closer to 40 million+ programmers by 2030.

9 years from now, we'll have double the number of programmers we have now. That's 20 million more NEW programmers looking to learn, absorb, and understand how to change their families as well as their own lives through the power of software engineering.

As learning engineers, we're taking notes and learning constantly. We mine as well start sharing the knowledge now in preparation for the doubling of our industry size!

You'll start slow, for sure. But after a year you'll have a small following that will be sprinkled with people who have learned based on the way you teach - that's an awesome feeling.

Soon you start to grow a bit faster. Then you start to realize you have some potential building up and who knows you may be more passionate about the elegance of simplifying for others more so than building the code. Heck, maybe you love the creative art of presentation. Or what if your creative side yearns for video creation?

By simply documenting what you know and investing a bit of time to present it in a way that is more digestible to others, you may have quite possibly learned that you yourself have another passion you wish to pursue. Not only that, but you are now earning an additional revenue stream that grows as you add to your knowledge base of resources you share to the world through the platform(s) in which you enjoy sharing it!

Now you potentially have 20 million new students who may just dive into your knowledge base and all of the sudden you have all kinds of freedom to decide what you truly care about, how you want to present your story to the world, and if all else fails an above average online brand that will catch the attention of LinkedIn recruiters and get you into the software engineering job interviews you want to be in.

Anyways, apologies for my rant - I'm excited for what the future holds and I really I love the way you phrased your comment and appreciate you taking the time to write it up.

I'm excited that the way I explained this topic clicked in a way that helped you understand it.

I Love hearing those kind of comments and enjoy sharing the knowledge - I'm glad it was helpful!"

Excited but don't know how to get started?

@inhuofficial has a great article you should check out!

Have you ever created an article that was excellent, fine tuned it to perfection, released it...and got 100 views (or less!). If so stick around as @francescoxx is trying to help fix th...

The End

Thanks for reading. You like something you read in this article? Feel free to use it in your own article - start sharing the knowledge. Re-phrase what I've said in your own way - you'll connect with readers that I wasn't able to.

That's powerful stuff, and you my friend, wield that power.

The question is...what will you do with it?

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I didn't realise how big an impact Star Link would have, that is super interesting!

cleancodestudio profile image
Clean Code Studio • Edited

Yah, I thought the same! Now every time I see any post bashing the space race I die a bit's crazy that such a huge global innovation is happening and it is simply over shadowed by the other huge global innovations Elon musk is already working on.

Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, and Elon Musk - the greatest innovators in the history of the world (And in my opinion, Elon Musk takes the cake). Elon is simply on his own level.

Listing out his companies (Did you remember them all?):

  • Tesla
  • Paypal
  • Starlink
  • OpenAI
  • Space X
  • Solar City
  • NeuraLink
  • Hyper Loop
  • Boring Company

Btw, this post got shared by the #DEV community twitter account. I commented on it pointing back to your post!

Check it: