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Carlo Gino Catapang
Carlo Gino Catapang

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Newsletter to subscribe to

Being in a fast-paced industry, we need to update our skills to stay relevant to perform our jobs better(to get a better salary). For me, having a short attention span is a challenge; one minute, I'm watching a YouTube tutorial, next, I'm watching random nonsense internet content. Therefore, I find subscribing to weekly newsletters a concise way to learn new things without too many distractions and information overflow.

Here are some on my list:

React News Letter

Stay up to date on the latest React news, tutorials, resources, and more. Delivered every Tuesday, for free.

Since developing React applications are my bread and butter, this is a must for me. If you're working on another language, there's likely a newsletter for that.


Become a smarter JavaScript developer

Staying informed on the JavaScript ecosystem has never been so entertaining. Delivered every Monday, for free.

Aside from providing JavaScript updates, what I like most about this newsletter is its sense of humor.

Just check this one. :D

DEV Community Digest

By enabling a newsletter in your settings, you will receive a weekly newsletter of a list of development-related topics that you might find interesting. You even have the option to send a periodic digest of top posts related to tags you prefer.


Byte sized news for busy techies

TLDR is a daily newsletter with links and TLDRs of the most interesting stories in tech 📱, science 🚀, and coding 💻!

What I like about TLDR is that it summarizes daily news so that I will not quickly get bored. If I want more details regarding specific information, I can check simply the link they provide.

3-2-1 Thursday By James Clear

Author of Atomic Habits

Don't forget that we are humans(except for the bot crawling this page). To succeed as a developer, we need a balance of technical skills and soft skills. You don't want to behave like an animal during stand-up or become a keyboard warrior when addressing a Pull Request comment.

Any thoughts?

What do you think would be an excellent addition to the list?

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Swastik Yadav

Hey Carlo,

Great list of tech Newsletters.

I have also started my own Newsletter where I share my learnings and journey as a web developer.

You can check previous issues here: