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A Basic Setup for Web Developer

Hey ! A few time ago I started a new Dev environment in a new computer so I needed to re-install all stuff linked to my dev stuff !

I took this opportunity to create a list of thing to install in order to have a basic and good dev environment from scratch !

(Check at the end of this article a link with every command linux in order to create this env with more stuff)

🔧 Basics


curl is used in command lines or scripts to transfer data ! Very useful tools for every developer !


A powerful Text editor when you need to edit or check a file fastly !

Zsh & oh-my-zsh

This is the best terminal ever to my mind ! for using oh-my-zsh you will need to install zsh.

oh-my-zsh will improve a lot of thing and with this you will be able to use a lot of shortcut about git & shell command !

(link to shortcut

💻 Dev tools


Git is a free and open source distributed version control system, if you don't it, close this tab (no keep open but open a new tab :p) and learn git !


For every javascript developper you will need to use NodeJs in a lot of project ! It's use for creating a server in JS !

Npm & Nvm

What is the most heavy thing in the world ? Node module folder of course ! npm will help developper to add a lot of external module very easy !

Nvm is used to handle npm versioning !


Docker is very very usefull for every developper in the world ! If you don't know what is this, you should learn how and why it's a famous tools !

📀 Dev Software

Google Chrome or any other browser

For me I used Google chrome but you are free of using any browser !


I LOVE this software, you can so easly make http(s) call for API, create custom API Library, test your api, import any call from curl to Postman call.

VS Code or any other IDE

I used it for every JS project and I love it ! I used a lot of extension (an incoming article from my VS Code setup and shortcut incoming !)

So from now you are ready to start to learn basic web !

I let my GitHub repository about my own setup on linux with every line to put in your terminal in order to install and setup all thing.

You will find a lot of tools that I have not mentioned in this article since I want to keep the very very basic !

I hope you like this reading!

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Sebastian Hondarza G

...and the lofi music? hahah

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Code Oz

Haha I forgot the most useful resource 😂

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Thom W

You should set automate this set up with some ansible scripts or chef. That way if your machine goes down you can easily set it up again on another. Or even better export to a VM an save the VM somewhere

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Nice !